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Hey ladies, I was wondering if any of you have used Olbas bath, I bought some yesterday as I am finding it a little hard to get a breath at the moment and my nose is all stuffed up.

It doesnt say on the bottle not to use in pregnancy but it doesnt say its safe either, I am desperate to use it I think it'll be great, but I'm worried about what oils could be in it maybe ones I shouldnt be using in pregnacy or early pregnancy anyway.

AnneMarie xxx


  • Hi I know exactly how you are feelin! I too have been short of breath and suffering from nasal congestion for the last 4 weeks. The Dr is very reluctant to give me anythin for my nose. I havn't heard of olbas bath but I have been using olbas oil drops, the childrens one which is even safe for babies, on my pillow, pjs and on tissue. Im driving my husband mad mith snoring lol and its affecting my sleep. I found laying on my side with an extra pillow helps too x
  • annem my ol buddy guess who's in preg club now hehe

    I think use the one for babies - plus it is herbal so should be ok

    but this is what I found

    4+4 x
  • This was is herbal too, and I dont think its oil it just looks like bubble bath.

    Oh I really dont know what to about it.

    akalady, I must have missed your BFP, I am over the moon for you, when are you due?

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