has anyone got to see a consultant about their BMI?

When I had my booking in appointment a few weeks ago, the midwife weighed me and told me that anyone who has a BMI over 30 must be referred to a consultant. I asked what this involved and her words were ''so that you can be given a patronising talk on the dangers of being overweight and discussing a healthy diet, etc... etc....''

the midwife said that she hated referring people as she said that people are fully aware that they are overweight and dont need to be told. She said that I was fine with my health checks and was annoyed that I was still sent to see him.

has anyone had to be referred or am I the only one?

I was heavier than I am now when I was pregnant with my daughter but they didnt say or do anything except ask me to keep an eye on my weight - must be a new thing?

I know that I am overweight and was dieting before I found out I was pregnant. Whats the point in making me feel like I have to diet now when Im pregnant and it can harm my baby??


  • hay yep yep!! iv been told the same!!
    iv got to go up2 the hospital on the 16th of dec! dnt reli understand wat its about ut its to do with my size??
    dnt wanna sound rude but how much did u weight be u feel pregs and how much have u put on so far??
    take care gemma 33 weeks + 2 xxxx
  • hi, its because if your BMI is over 25 I think, it means that you are overweight. If its above a certain level it could cause complications - although I was fine with my first pregnancy.

    I have actually lost weight with this pregnancy. I am 10 weeks this week; however I am 10.5lbs lighter than I was about a month ago. I have been having quite a bit of morning sickness so that could be why.

    With my first pregnancy, I weighed more than I do now but I didnt even gain 2 stone right the way through the 9 months and most of that was baby. When I gave birth and left hospital, I was actually 2 1/2 stone lighter - work that one out!
  • Hi there

    I was referred to a consultant due to my size and BMI and actually had my first appointment this morning.

    The consultant was really busy and running VERY behind so I saw her registrar.

    She was very nice and didn't come across as patronising about my size at all, but then I realise that not all consultants will be as nice!!!

    She checked my family history again (same as MW did in my booking in appointment) and determined that my only -high risk' factor is my high BMI. We listened to the baby's heartbeat again and that was all fine (I LOVE hearing it!!!). Blood pressure & urine were checked - all fine and normal.

    The main things she told me were:

    Due to my size, I might not feel the baby move as much. BUT this is only a MIGHT!!! (Don't want to say that and worry you!)
    Due to my size, it'll be harder for them to check the baby's growth, as such I've got to have 4-weekly growth scans from 28-weeks. Personally, I can't see this as a bad thing, we'll get to see our baby more often!!!
    She said I would need to have an appointment with the anethatist as in the event of me wanting an epidural or them needing to give me one, your weight is important in that stuff (which I knew anyway having had a general anastetic before).
    Being overweight, I'm at risk of gestational diabetes so have to have a glucose tolerance test at 28-weeks.

    She was very clear in stating though, that just because she has informed me of these risks, I might not have any of them or any problems at all related to my size so not to worry!!!

    Oh and in terms of diets, you're not to diet whilst pregnant, but eat as healthy as you can and the idea is that you try and maintain your weight as best you can. That's what I was told anyway, I know we're all different and different MWs say different things!!!

    Hope this helps a bit!

    Julie xxx

  • MrsAmanda: I agree with you, I had a healthy pregnancy, had no complications and delivered a healthy 7lb 15 oz daughter. They told me that as I was overweight, she would be over 10lb. That proved them wrong.

    I am with you, I am not going to harm my baby by dieting, as long as I am eating well, then its fine, I think. I had a glucose test, various blood tests, blood pressure checks and urine checks throughout and it was all perfectly normal.

    My daughter is 7 next week and she is well developed and is much taller than her friends. shes 4 feet 5 and is exceeding at school. She has only been to the doctors once in her life (for an illness) so when they said that it may affect my daughters health, they were so wrong!

    your are right! being overweight doesnt always mean harming our babies.
  • JOO: thats great, thank you. Things have changed since I was pregnant with my daughter! I did have an epidural but I didnt have to have any appointments with an anaesthetist. Im not worried though.

    My appointment is with the consultant tomorrow, but if I get a nasty one, Im not going to let it upset me. I have always had a weight problem so know what to expect.

    My midwife is overweight so she is very understanding and although gave me the risks, she did say that I may not have any problems. I had the glucose tests in my previous pregnancy, which turned out fine.
  • hello girls, i I was really annoyed when they weighed me at my 12 week scan because by then i had already put on about another 10lbs lol! I had to keep eating in order to stop being sick and i didnt want any healthy stuff in the first 12 weeks. So, my BMI came out at 31 (which shocked me), but I have put on weight since having my daughter instead of losing it. I am one of those people thats just eats when im stressed or upset or tired.....all the things you are after having a young child!
    Anyway, my point is that no one has mentioned my weight to me although i have been expecting them to! I thought i would have to have glucose tolerance test etc but again no mention of it. What is interesting is that on my first pregnancy i was not small (16) but they never weighed me at all (this was 3 years ago) because they said that it was causing too much stress and pressure on pregnant women. I think unless there are obvious health problems due to weight being experienced, e.g, high blood pressure, glucose in urine, there is no real need to weigh you! Im dreading any more weigh-ins!
    Its been more 'friends' that have said things like ' dont put on too much weight as you'll have loads to lose afterwards', or 'dont use it as an excuse to eat more'.....charming! Hope everyone else is feeling good about themselves because otherwise its just another thing to get us down. Fat people arent allowed to eat it seems...ok rant over!!! xxx
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