Nursery Furniture Sets!

I really really really want a set like this (I actually want this one but it's been out of stock for 2 months). Does anyone know where I can get one similar for a similar price? It's the white one with the wooden trim I like.

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  • I went to Toys R Us in Gloucester last weekend, and the assitant there said that they'd completely sold out of the white ones of these!! Asked if they'd be getting any more in, as I really liked them - all I got was a maybe....... how long can you afford to hold on????
  • Hi, what about the 'vermont' range at Babies 'r' us? Similar price to the range you like, they even have a crib but the cotbed is out of stock.....good luck choosing! xxxx
  • Hi!

    I can afford to wait a while longer, until after Xmas at the most. I really really want the toys r us one so I might just keep my fingers crossed for that!
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