Told MIL not to tell anyone about the baby except family at the moment, OH just spoken to her on the phone and she has decided to tell anyone and everyone. There were some friends we wanted to tell but she has gone and done it. Am really hurt by this as she had no need to tell them. OH is making excuses for her but I feel really annoyed. I know she's excited but they are our friends and we wanted to tell them. Ok, moan over. Just feel really cross and sad.


  • I think you have evrey right to be cross I'd be so mad with her if i was you. I cant even belive she things she has the right excited or not! doesnt she think you might of be excited about telling your friends seeing as your the one thats pg?! sorry I'm prob not a lot a help. Have you had your 1st scan yet? mayb you could show her pic of scan last. Thats the type of thing I'd want to do but I might be being a bit mean image X
  • hiya jellyfish
    i know exactly how you feel as my MIL did this too - & guess what? my OH reacted in the same way as yours! we had wanted to tell his disabled/elderley nan ourselves and had made the special trip up to see her, we had stayed the night at the MIL, and the next morninng she got up and went round to nans before us & just blurted it out! she had waited a couple of weeks & supposedly not told anyone but then did the very day we were down, just felt like it was a wasted trip, i was so hurt! a couple of weeks ago she let slip that she had in fact told everyone at her work i was pregnant and her new partner etc. it really pi***d me off! ok i had told my mum & dad when i was around 9 weeks, and OH felt it unfair if we didnt tell MIL too - but then look what happened!
    so i definitely share the AGH with you when it comes to MIL!!
    & i feel as though she is trying to take over - so make sure you put your foot down too! (mine insisted at being at the birth - watching - taking pics & video!! NO WAY is that happening! ha)
    i know its hard as your hormones are all over the place, but try and forget about it, cos you dont want it causing any arguments between you and OH.
    gem xx
  • ooo thats a gd idea applejack! but i am a meany at the mo! gggrrrr!!
  • you have a right to moan and rant. it is your news, and you should be the one to decide when and who you tell. I think you should have a word with her (if you feel you can) or is not then say something to your oh. explain that you know she is excited but that it really upset you as you wanted to deliver the news yourself. So in future if she wouldnt mind running things about your baby by you (considering your going to be mummy) first you would really appricate it.
  • OH MY GOD i have the exact same problem my BFH (bitch from hell) mil did this tome in fact she didnt even have the decency to tell everyone nicely face to face she sent a bloody text, the same text to EVERYONE in her phone book. i was soooo pissed off cos we wanted to keep it to just close family as i was waiting to see if i had cervical cancer or not!! then all of a sudden these texts start rolling in. she sent me a text saying oops soz i was excited! when i told her i was unhappy cos of the cancer test etc she bloody told ppl about that aswell. ive not spoken to her for 2 weeks now and its been blissfully peaceful:evil:!
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