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Am I worrying for no reason?

Hi all I'm 19 weeks today and am a little worried that I've not felt baby move in a couple of days. I listened for baby heartbeat with ly doppler but couldn't figure out if it was my heartbeat or babies I was listening to! It was on my left side of my bellybutton so quite high up! What do you all think? Becky xxx


  • Hi Becky-Lou - it is perfectly normal at this stage not to feel baby for a few days and then feel them again as they have so much space to move around (do you have any pregnancy books 'what to expect when you are expecting is great for these questions). I didnt get daily kicks until 22 weeks, also they dont worry about reduced fetal movement until around 28 weeks. Baby could have moved completed around and is kicking into your back. As for the heartbeat, his/her back might be really low by your cervix. or back to back...........
    But please if you really are that worried called your midwife but dont worry too much, baby is fine just hiding xxxxxx


    p.s you may also find at your scan placenta is in front so could be absorbing some kicks xxxx
  • Can't help with the doppler issue as don't hve my own but just wanted to say i'm also 19 wks but i haven't felt baby move yet. My midwife told me not to worry!!
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