Really really daft question!

Have looked up some exercises to help my SPD. Thing is with some of them I need a "birth ball". I have shown this to the OH and told him can get a gym ball but he wants confirmation from someone other than me that a gym ball and birth ball are basically the same.

Please help me prove to him I am not 100% daft (at least not all the time lol)

Love Lee


  • They are the same babe they just come in different sizes. I ordered a birthing ball off internet for ??20 should of just bought a cheap gym ball though as oh uses it more than me! He likes to use it asket ball. I bought it to releive back ache as i have spd too but it doesnt and it is very difficult to get off once you are on depending on how severe your pain is!
  • Mine's a gym ball and my physio confirmed that they are the same thing - the only time you have to worry is if you're really tall as gym balls tend to come in one size only. You need to be able to sit on it and have your hips higher than your knees, I'm only 5'1'' so not a prob for me but I think you have to be really really tall to need to large birthing ball size! xxx
  • Im only 5'5" so sounds like gym ball it is!
    Thanks ladies, gonna go show him the replies!
  • I'm wild daft but I thought they were the same thing I didn't even know they were advertised with different names just thought they were 'those big inflatable balls'!! I'm so dumb sometimes lol xx
  • I thought they were the same too just had to check for oh's benefit - probably just charge more by calling it a birth ball lol
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