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hi ladies im wanting to try one this time as i would like another pain relief free birth (apart from gas and air that is!) . my stepdad has one and i was gonna borrow his. just wondered if anyone knew does it have to be special one for labour? or can is that a money making thing by boots etc? also do i start to use it beforehand? i will ask mw at 36 week check next week but just wondered if anyone had any advice. also did anyone find them useful? xxx


  • Hey hayleys1. I'm not going to be that helpful, but I'm pretty certain it does have to be a particular one for labour. However, am also fairly sure that the Boots ones are suitable for this purpose - but would check first if I were you.

    Would also be interested to hear of people's experiences with them as I've got one too :\)

  • hiya
    yeah it has to be a certain one for labour pains as the pregnancy ones have a boost button for when it gets really bad. think you can still use a normal one but they don't have the boost. i'm hoping to use one too and antenatal class told me you put it one early so you get the full effect.
  • thanks i have to go to boots later will reserve one for the next couple weeks. boost button sounds good!
    ultimately i want a water birth so i kno it will have to come off then but just in case i dont get one (god forbid) i will have that as back up. thanks ladies anymore experiences will be good! xx
  • i used one with both my preganacies and would use it again with this one. With my 1st i had it on from the moment i felt contractions at a light setting and gradually increased, i didn't think it had been working but then i asked for an epidural and they then took it off of me which made me realise just how much it had worked. I used it with my 2nd as well with just gas and air this time and i think they really help - if it is an exceptonally long labour i can imagine it starts to get annoying as with my son(1st) - not that i had a long labour - i started at 10.30am and had my boy at 6.40pm - it was really starting to bug me a bit, but i do think they work and would definately recommend them - but everyone is different
  • Hi, it's good you're going to hire one that's for use in labour as the other ones aren't strong enough, and the boost button is essential! You'll need to use it from right when the contractions start, even if they don't hurt then, to get the full effect, as it helps your body to release endorphins (natural painkillers), which need time to build up.

    I used one with my son, then took it off to get in my birth pool, and ended up wishing I'd kept it on - the birth pool didn't work for me, and I was stuck in it for hours as I couldn't speak much in labour! I'll just use the TENS this time xx

  • Hi everyone...our MW at antenatel highly recommend the follow tens machines. You can hire or buy. Hire is ??29.95.

    It has the booster button for labour.

    Web add is www.mama-tens.info

    Hope that helps. x
  • thanks everyone!! will def ask at boots tom or check out the website lixie cheers!!!

    def gonna get one now i was in labour for 40 hours last time in total so anything other than cocodamol would be great!!!!!!!
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