Sanatogen ProNatal and Sickness!!

Hiya all, im taking sanatogen pronatal one a day for my folic acid and multivitimins but im also suffering with morning sickness and just wonderd weither you thought i should take another one if im sick incase i thrown the last one up? Because for the past 2 days ive had my tablet and then an hour or two later ive been sick so dont know weither im actually getting any folic acid or multivitimins. Sorry to ramble on!

Mikayla x


  • Hiya, no dont! too much could harm the baby. Even if you get more than 3 per week to stay down, its a lot more than if you didnt take it! I also had bad sickness morning sickness, so i tried to take pronatal at lunchtime when my stomach had settled.

  • Thank you, i was unsure at what time to take it as some days im still being sick in the evening! Ill just carry on taking 1 a day sick or not! Thank you
    Mikayla x
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