pre-term labour scare

Hello ladies, I've had a horrible week and just wondered if anyone else has been through this and can stop me panicking quite so much!

On Monday I was 28+5 weeks pregnant and was getting a lot of braxton hicks or so I thought. By the afternoon they were so uncomfortable and frequent I couldn't really stand up straight or sit comfortably at my desk so I went home. By the time I got to my car I knew it wasn't braxton hicks and shouldn't really have driven but didn't know how else to get back home fast. By the time I got home I was huffing and puffing and panting and couldn't speak when my stomach was contracting so called the hospital and was told to go straight in which I did. After examination and monitoring I was told I was having regular contractions every 2-3 minutes and my cervix had shortened considerably. Fortunately, I was not dilating. Before getting to hospital with my friend we had been joking about trapped wind etc but when they said I needed drugs to stop everything and steriods for the baby's lungs and they sent my husband home to get mine and the baby's stuff (not even close to being packed or ready), then the panic really set in. I had to stay in a couple of days and fortunately, everything stopped and I was allowed out on strict bed rest. They have put it down to me having a slight stomach upset the weekend before which irritated my uterus and sparked labour. I did not catch anything nasty, I think I just ate too much bio yogurt!

Since coming home I have hated the lack of control and have panicked about everything. I have had bad headaches which I never ever get and am constantly analysing everything I eat. I feel hot and cold and horrible. They have said that the steriods will have no negative effect on the baby and I could still go to full term but I don't feel reassured. I have spent the morning trying to pack stuff for the two of us just in case it happens again. Every twinge makes my heart skip a beat.
I am supposed to be easing back into work on Monday but I don't feel ready. I cannot stay in bed for ever but can't contemplate the idea of having a 10 week premature baby.

has anyone else had this? did you get through the rest of your pregnancies fine?




  • you'd think so wouldn't you but no. I went to see her the week before and she said I was low risk and doesn't want to see me til 36wks. I have to see the doctor at 34 weeks but that's still over 4 weeks away. I hate to look like a paranoid hysterical pregnant woman but lets face it, I probably am so I think I will try to crash in on an urgent appointment on Monday, try being the operative word at my surgery.

  • Hi emilycb, I havent had this experience but did nt want to read n run! I am sure that you will be fine. Although having to rest must be driving you mad. Try not to worry, which I know is easier said than done and you'll see it will be all okay!!

    Hugs to you
    JJ x :\)
  • Hi hun. Afraid I haven't experienced any of this myself, but just wanted to say I hope things settle down and you get plenty of rest this weekend. Could you go to the doctors and get signed off work for a bit longer due to the stress this has caused you? Sarah xx
  • I am sorry about your scare. Thought I would tell u that it isn't all bad. My waters broke at 28 weeks, I was given drips, things shoved in my bottom, needles galore, steroids in my my butt until 38 weeks pregnant. The steroids hurt, and the fact I had a devil nurse that took pleasure in hurting me didn't help. My baby girl, despite broken waters, stayed quite happily inside until she had to be induced at 39 weeks. It isn't always bad and the steroids haven't harmed her. I hope it all works out for the best.

    Kristina 17
  • thanks everybody. I just want him to be OK and safe. If it means being forced to watch Richard and Judy or their equivalent (I have not been that desperate YET) then I will. At least its made me get on and order the other things we need at home e.g. new bed for my little girl so the baby can have the cot bed etc.

    I will try to view this as the kick I needed. I spoke to my mum about it tonight and it turned out I was born 8 weeks early despite mum having the same meds and drips etc. If I could make it 32 years ago weighing 2lb 12 then I know my bump will be fine whenever he chooses to arrive, which will hopefully be AFTER his sister's bed.

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