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Hi Girls,

I was wondering if anyone here could help me.

I am with Milton Keynes General for my meternity services. I visited my midwife 2 weeks ago for my booking in and am now 11+3 I have not yet received my scan appointment and am obviously concerned about this. My partner finds it hard to get time off work last minute and obviously I would like at least a date to work towards (at the moment I kind of feel a bit lost with it all and am going insane because I have no idea when it is going to be)

Anyway, I tried calling my doctors yesterday and asked to be out through to midwife..they then told me she had gone home for the day..but she would be back in on Thursday between 2pm-4pm (a 2 hour slot where she will prob have appointments anyway so I prob wont be able to get hold of her) I think she only works 2 days a week and even then its only for a couple of hours.

I then called main hospital and asked to be put through to antenatal scan unit...was told 'they have probably gone home for the day..but I'll give it a try anyway' at which point I was put through to ward 20...which they had no idea why I was put through there (and to my knowledge that ward isnt anything to do with maternity) she then told me to call main hospital number!!!! which by this point I was too stressed to do AGAIN!!

I was wondering if anyone here would possibly have the MK scan unit's number? or could give me any other information?

Thanks girls!!!



  • Hon
    I don't have a number but didn't want to R&R. I started my maternity care at my local hospital which I hated but had no choice as you have to see mw at hospital to get transferred to different one. Even though they are a worse hospital, I got my scan appt really quickly. When I moved to my new hospiatl I love it but boy do they leave appt's to the last minute! You can have your 12 week scan up to 13+5. I got my scan through at 11 +1 weeks and it was literally 2 weeks later. Definately call again, keep keep calling. see if you can go through to the ultrasound unit as thats usually diffferent to antenatal. If not, they should be able to give you a number for community midwifes so you can at least speak to someone.
  • Hello PB,

    I do not have experience of Milton Keynes but do feel for you.

    Im alone at work today so have been able to take some time on the web to research for you and have come across this telephone number for Ultrasound Services at MK - you never know, might help!

    (01908) 243187

    Good Luck xx
  • OMG Sharmy!! You have no idea how much I love you right now image

    I'll give them a call either when I get home (as im at work) or when all the nosey idiots that I work with are away from their desks!!

    Ahhhhh im so happy...thank you! You ruddy Google genius image

  • Your more than welcome chick!

    I just hope it is correct and they are able to help you so you don't have to live in limbo land any longer x
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