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Hi ladies

I'm having real trouble getting to sleep on my left side as I usually toss and turn from left to right before falling alseep. I'm finding I'm waking up to check I'm on my left side and I'm getting no sleep because of it! Is it really going to do my baby any harm if I do sleep on my right side? And can someone please tell me why we are supposed to sleep on our left side?!?!?!

Thanks as always.

Serena xxxx



  • no!!!!!!!!!! don't worry about the way u sleep! i never even knew u were suppose to sleep on the left! lucky for me i sleep on the left anyway! but i still go to the right for a bit and on my back! just sleep what ever way makes u feel comfortable! xx
  • Hi Serena,

    I sleep on any side that is comfortable. I think on the left side it increases blood flow but this does not mean you should exclusively stay on that side.

    It is important that you get sleep so just lay how you feel comfy hun.

    I even wake up on my back sometimes, which is interesting when trying to turn over. I'm like a turtle that has got stuck upside down lol

  • Oh Caz you made me laugh out loud at the picture of you like a turtle that's got stuck upside down, bless! It's a relief to hear other people don't always sleep on their left. Hopefully tonight I will get a better night's sleep!! Thank you! xxxx

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  • Lol it makes me laugh when I'm trying to get out of the position.

    My thoery is as long as I'm comfy then baby is comfy and I'm sure baby would tell you if they weren't. Also sleeping with a big ish pillow between your legs is the most comfy thing ever!

  • I can't sleep on my left side hun, due to the fact my OH is facing me and snores in my face so I always sleep on my right side and always know when I am on my back as I wake up needing the loo!!!!
    Make sure you get really comfortable regardless of what side you sleep on and have a lovely sleep while you gets difficult to do later on, trust me!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    31 weeks
  • Thanks everyone, that's great! I can't wait for tonight now! xxxx
  • i agree with katie im 33 weeks now and i dont care which side i sleep on anymore i just wanna sleep!!!! i think last nite i ended up going to sleep on my back with the cat on my legs snoring away lovely!!!
  • Me neither - apparently laying on the left does increase blood flow as lo can suppress the flow in a large vein. This normally happens on your back. However, in your sleep even if this happens, your body will naturally get you to move in a more comfortable position.

    Also laughing at the turtle!! I've also got really painful abdo pains due to torn/overstretched ligaments so I just have to keep rolling until I fall off the edge of the bed!!

  • sleep however you want....just maybe uncomfortable if you tried on your front! I think they sayt left side is best as it increases your blood flow and is better for your digestive system if you are sdomeone who suffers with indegestion (sp?) etc.

    Katie - i will take note what position im in when i need the loo. Its very annoying needing the loo and having to get up, an hr before my alarm goes off! More annoying because i feel knackered but know ive only got an hour left of sleep!

    i toss and turn between left and right, however recently i find myself waking up on my back!

    Hope you get a good night sleep tonight! xxx
  • Thank you! xxxx
  • i sleep on my left right and on my back lol i could'nt sleep on my back in my last preg cos i felt like i was chokin lol but this pregnancy its fine so whatever makes u comfy x
    abbie n bluebump 37wk
  • lol i didn't even know we were 'meant to' sleep on any particular side lol - thinking i mostly end up on back purely because weight of bump - laying on my side is like trying to roll up a hill when your going to sleep! I didn't think of the loo call which is 5am for me but thinking now yep might well be because i'm on my back! and the strangest thing has happened to me since becoming pregnant and getting bigger - ive started to Hum in my sleep - i didnt believe OH untill he recorded me late one night and yes its Humming not any particluar tune but humming all the same it gets louder as I breath out! I found it highly amusing - lol OH did at first however i think the poor love is suffering sleep deprivation now haha! I have six plump pillows in the bed and have also taken coman of the 'middle side' as there are now two of us on my side! My poor fella is pinned to the wall! haha! xx
  • hi i tend to sleep on my left side but only cause it means im facing away from oh and his big man snores!! i do occasionally turn to face him to cuddle into his back in middle if night for a heat!! but cant do it for long, always seem to get heartburn if i face that way, so weird!! one thing i WAS told by midwife was if you are sleeping on your back to prop yourself up cause then you dont squash/restrict something..honestly cant remember what its called but it was only yesterday!! and as someone else said a pillow between your legs is the best thing ever!! i sometimes just fold the duvet inbetween my legs and get all snug!! x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Sleep - i think i've forgotten what that is!! Seriously tho, i think u just gotta sleep how your comfy - i toss & turn so much during the night its impossible to stay in one position!
    Sarah xx
  • I have suffered too! Have got SPD so moving at night is causing hell but now I wear those shiny pjs I can slide around like a "sexy orca".

    I did lol at the "turtle" coz I went for a nap one afternoon and woke up on my back and ended up shouting for oh! He came in and just said you getting up then and walked off! Eventually he came back 10 mins later and said "well" and I cried "am stuck like a bloody tortoise and you walked off" he just stood and laughed til eventually helping!

    Also Katie - your comment about OH snoring in your face is another tale that definately rings true lol.

    The joys hahahaha
  • I sleep on left, right and back but do spend most of my time sleeping on my left side simply because I'm on the left hand said of the bed. I tend to face the edge of the bed so maybe if you swap sides with hubbies/partners you will spend more time on the left?
  • I had the most wonderful night's sleep last night. Sorry! Just had to share. I feel great today, and it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Yay!! xxxx

  • Lol glad you slept well.

    Hubby asked for cuddles in bed last night which is really sweet but he snores like a numatic drill so I was just laying there in his arms unable to move sticking things up his nose to try and get him to stop image so I slept for all of 3 or 4 secs lol

  • Woohoo on that Friday!!! Right there with ya

    I also had trouble sleeping on my left. When I was doing my "taske good care of yourself" class. They said the reason for not sleeping on your back was to prevent pressure on your spine. And has proven to reduce chances of hemroids(spelling). Sleeping on the right is fine but also known to put pressure on the liver and pancreas and I think there was another but I cant remember. I too lay on my back. Or which ever way is most comfy. I can't lay flat on my back anyway cause I go short on breath these days as I'm so huge!!!

    But as you can see. Sleeping on the left is not such a major issue!!!

    Good luck!! And happy sleeping everyone..


  • Glad you had a good nights sleep SWillo!!! YOu must have jinxed me as I didn't sleep very well but I'm putting it into good practice for when bambino arrives!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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