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Izzy Wot Not's Hemmingway Range

Hi Grils!!

I am looking to order this for my baby girl! Has anybody ordered this set? Any comments?


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  • I haven't ordered it but it's beautiful. Very girly but bright and cheerful too. Love it!
  • It's the furniture I'm ordering!! Has anybody ordered this set?

  • i think it is great!!

    very similar to the M&P savannah range from yrs gone by..... (mine is now 8yrs old!!!)

    i think the bedding is cool too if you are having a girl!
  • I haven't ordered this range but I have got the Izzywotnot Vanilla range. It is really good quality and we got a great package deal. It's worth looking at different websites as we found lots of different prices. I also have the bedding range. I absolutly love it as it's so different to anything else I've seen. I'm sure that the hemmingway range will be equally as lovely.
  • Ooo Thanks girls!! Good to know someone else has the same make & it's good quality! I don't really like buying things I've not seen before hand!

    We found a really good deal here

    You get:

    Cot bed
    Changing Unit
    Luxury izziwotnot Sprung Cot Bed Mattress
    Cot Bed White Fleece Blanket
    Cotton 2 pack White Cot/Cot Bed Flat Sheets
    Terry 2 pack White Fitted Cot Bed Sheets
    FREE Delivery

    All for ??849!!

    So will be ordering today!!

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  • Thats where I ordered my furniture from, they were really good about arranging delivery when we were in. We didn't pay the extra ??50 for them to put up the furniture and although we managed with no problem it did take quite a while and the instructions were a bit unclear at times. If are not remotely handy I would say the ??50 assembly charge is well worth paying. xxx 40 + 2
  • ??50 for assembly sounds very reasonable. Mamas and Papas wanted ??130 (which we opted not to pay!)
  • It's good to know someone else has used the site! We've ordered, & it's all gone through now!! Yay!!!! OH is very good @ flat packs & things like that! So think he will be putting it all up!!

  • Does anyone have the Hemingway cot assembly instructions? I can’t find anyone to contact and we got the cot second hand
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