Baby Show woo hoo

I love it!!!! It was mad though but wonderful. I did end up buying some things as the price was good. We bought a rocky chair and stool that we liked in John Lewis and was 375 at the show it was 99 pound!!!! I wanted one anyway so I could do the night feeds in her little room so thats pleased me.

We also bought a breast pump that came with other free bits and also a avent bottle sterilizer which holds 6 bottles. I then checked out the pram I like and loved it, they never had the body part there so we popped to Mother Care and had a real good look at the pram and I love it. It will fit in the car so I am very very happy image

K xx


  • oh thats brill hun, bet your all giddy and excited now, i am very exciting and all i bought was 3 sleep suits and some little socks haha.
    your rocky chair souns like a bargain! Is baby going straught in her own room?xx
  • No she will be in our room in her crib for as long as she can stay in the crib then will move her to her own room.

    I liked the chair as when I need to feed her in the night I wont want to do it in our room might wake up hubby so will feed her in her own room.

    This is the chair: we got the chair and stook for 99 pound and it was soooooo nice to sit in.

    K xx
  • So not fare! LOL.....
    I wanted to go to baby show rite bad but i was due on the 27th, so didnt dare travel so far. Congrats on the bargains hun xx
  • Hi K-Lou, just wanted to say congrats! Have not been on the site for about 4 months (decided to have a bit of a break) so am really pleased you got your BFP! We've decided to start again now so hopefully will be in this forum shortly!
  • wow the chair looks great, what a massive bargain hon!! x
  • I thought the baby show was a huge disappointment. I would not waste my time, money or effort again to get pushed and knocked about by other mums.

    It was more like a mum and baby parade. I wouldn't recommend it.
  • K-lou sounds like you had a good time. And the chair is a bargain, i was considering one of those but no idea where we'd put it. Hope they have a baby show in manchester! Lisa 15+3 x
  • Thanks girls image and thanks Lauraimage

    Oh Alabaster I am sorry you never had a good time. At first I was being good and letting people go in front of me but some mums with prams think that does give them the right to push in front of you and be rude.

    My poor nan has a bad leg and can hardly work and was getting knocked about but then I thought sod this I have as much right to be here baby girl in my tummy ou tof my way girls, and I just went for it.

    I spoke to the people for advice I wanted to and then got some good bargains so I was happyimage

    K xx
  • K-Lou - my friends have got that chair (they got it from ebay) and they love it ! DH loved it too so we are getting one - it will go in our front room - not sure where but I'll squeeze it in! Ha ha !

    Glad u had a good time at the baby show

    K xxx
  • K-lou did you order the silvercross linear freeway in cargo like you said last week, I went to a shop and looked at it the other day but in a dufferent colour, its lovely.
  • Oh good I am glad you know somebody who has this chair it is great when you sit in it you never want to get out of it image

    No hun I never ordered it think I will do that after 6 months plus my in laws have kindly said they would buy it for is and are in Oz for the next three months. I loved it though I went to Mothercare and spend ages looks at it taking it apart clipping it all back in, pushing it around I must say I am still in love with it. Will get the Cargo colour as I really like that but all the colours are nice.

    K xx
  • Yeah I will order the Pasctashio one when I'm about 7 months, hopefully they will deliver to an alternative address coz it's unlucky to keep pram in house before baby is born, hopefully my mum will have it at hers.

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