I had morning sickness from the 6th week - 10th week and then it stopped. It occurred again for a period of a week at 11 weeks.

The last few days have been terrible. I cant even brush my teeth without being sick. I can also only eat very little or else I feel queasy or am actually sick.

Is this morning sickness or something else???

I am also almost a stone lighter than before I got pregnant.

I also havent gained an ounce in my pregnancy yet, yet reports say that I should have gained around 7lbs by now. I have been monitoring my babys heartbeat on my doppler and it seems happy and normal and it has been moving around occassionally.

is everything ok?


  • hi dont worry if you have any concersn just bring them up with your mw, i had really bad sickness up to 19 weeks ish and i still get waves of it now! some days i feel like i did in the start! its quite normal x
  • phew - thank you!

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