sex in the first trimester

im 5 wks and still gettig on and off period like pains. OH and i were alking about sex and i said i was littlwe scared too, i dont have any reason to be i just am as its still so it ok?


  • I had sex normally up until about 20 weeks, we dont have it any more as we both feel uncomfortable with the idea, so I assume its fine.

    Joanna 32weeks 1day
  • We were still trying to conceive when I was 6 weeks gone as I hadn't tested yet due to coming off the pill and not having regular periods. We were doing it every day so don't panic!
    Although we did then wait until after 12 weeks, they say as long as you have no bleeding etc then you are fine. It's a personal thing though hun and if you don't feel like you should then don't.
    Think of all the women who don't find out for months that they are pregnant though and carry on as normal with everything and have perfectly healthy babies!
    Besides, there are plenty of other ways to have fun without full on intercourse, if you get my drift!!

    33 weeks. xx
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