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When did i conceive?

Hi pls i need an answer to this questions am currently 23weeks and two days pregnant, I had unprotected sex on the 22nd of Novembe 2017, i saw my period last in November but can’t remember the exact date, whether it’s the 2nd wk in November or the 3rd wk but cant really recollect,I want to know when I actually conveivedbased on this information and when could my period was based in this. And my due date is the 24 of August, am just a bit concerned as the father of my baby is asking for DNA which is why am just furious as I did not see anyone in novenber at all but in october ending I saw my ex twice but we never had sex we just touched each other but I saw my period in November and I did Not see my period in December I was only spotting which I don’t know what that is,pls is it possible for someone to explain this calculation for me as I am really furious and confused



  • Hi, didn’t want to read and not reply as this must be quite stressful. So if your due date is 24th August, counting back 40 weeks from that will give you an approximate date for your last period. Depending in how long your cycles normally are then you will have ovulated roughly 10 days - 2 weeks after I think. So for you probably right at the end of Nov/ beginning of Dec. If the only unprotected sex you had in that time (and I’d probably include the second week of December to give yourself piece of mind) was this guy it’s not going to be anyone else’s! Good luck with everything. 

  • Am due the 22 of August and my last period was the 12 of November if that’s any help at all to you as there would only be a few days difference 

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