Missed Nuchal Scan and Worried...


I have recently found out (today in fact) that I am too late for my nuchal scan. I am 14 weeks pregnant. So I have opted for a Triple Blood test which also screens for Downs Syndrome. I was wondering how effective this blood test is as my consultant told me today that it is not as effective as the nuchal scan.




  • hi i wldn't worry too much, not everyone has the nuchal scan (myself included) as it takes a very very well trained sonographer to get an accurate measurement so it also depends on where u live and if ur hospital actually can provide it or not. in my understanding they usually take the results from the nuchal scan and the triple blood test to get a 'total' result. neither one is dead cert either, whether oinly separate or used to combine results, they are only a guide as to what risk/ possibility u have. neither test whether separate or combined can tell u definately whether ur baby has or doesn't have downs syndrome or other neural diseases. hope that all makes sense lol

  • we are the same as you, did not have the nuchal test as it is not offered at our hospital. when i realised you could have it private we were to far gone. so we had the triple test 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back yet, so fingers crossed no news is good news. but no the triple test is not as accurate, but it is better than nothing if you want to find out. xx
  • Thanks so much for the reply. Good luck with your triple test let me know how you got on. Thanks again
  • the scan has only been about for a little while the triple test is what we used to have my lo is 17 months and ihad the triple test. well i didnt cozi refused it. i only had the nuchal scan coz its part of 12 weeks scan but i threw the results in the bin unopened. dont worry xx
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