Am I giving my baby what it needs ??


Im am 30+4 and aware that whatever im eating now, is important because my lo is taking nutrients directly from me to build up his internal stores and to gain weight.

Can someone please tell me if what i am eating is right or if im eating too little or too much of something?dont want to have a heavy baby as a result of my poor eating

breakfast....bowl of cereal and a mug of tea/coffee/fruit juice
lunch, 2 slices of bread/toast, yogurt +/apple and easter cake (was a choco bar to help boast my energy, trying to stop myself eating them now)
tea - meat (chicken/beef/lamb/fish), carb (rice/potato/pasta/noodles), veg (tinned toms, mushrooms, pepper and onion. Sometimes have other vegetables. We used to have tinned fruit or cooked fruit for pudding but not much at the mo. Was thinking of starting having it again.

Snacks, try to just drink or have an apple/yogurt if we have any. Have been buying and eating sweets. But realise this isnt good for baby, so stopped (apart from a few creme eggs).
Would i be right in thinking im not taking in enough calcium?

Would appreciate your thoughts. Ive just been thinking about my daily food intake and was wondering whether im actually eating the right amount of nutrients or not?

Thanks for reading, xxx

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  • that doesn't sound like a lot of food to me, . lunch seems a bit small (but thats just my thoughts mind) - are you having anything in the bread like a property sandwhich.

    normal diet for women is 2000 calories a day and they say an extra 200 a day when pregnant. it can vary from woman to woman though.

    hope this helps!

  • I think it sounds fine, as long as you eat sensibly and don't go hungry. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • sounds good to me hun i wouldnt worry as zoey said baby will take all what it wants and leave you the rest, with my first pregnancy found it hard to keep anything down until 20 weeks exept super noodles and toast (not the healthest of things) and my lo has turned out fine, luckly with this pregnancy havent had anything like that YET lol xx
  • i only get a half hour lunch break and if i eat too much too quickly i get indegestion. My 2 slices of bread are homemade and bigger than the usual slices in the shops. In my bread i usually have some sort of filling. my favourite would usually be salad but avoiding the stuff in pregnancy.

    Thanks for replying...extra vitamins might be a good idea.
    zoey - your rigjht, the baby will take what it wants, but i wasnt sure if im providing it with enough of what it needs if you get me!

    I dont like the idea of giving birth to a 9lb +! Ive never wacthed my calaories so im actually sure how much 2000 is! Trying not to snack but instead drink more! As think im getting dehydrated these days......

    Thanks for the replys...What is everybody else eating fro lunch? xxx
  • at the mo usually just have what my sons having which is just have a sandwich and a few cheeky pringles if weve got any in or beans on toast or something like that xx
  • I have just read on this site that a bad diet can actually lead to a lower birth weight baby, rather than a big one. Zoey is right, the baby takes what it needs from you. Creme eggs will only go on the hips not the baby, lol. Your diet sounds fine! If you're worried about calcium then try drinking a glass of milk or a bit of cheese as a snack? I love milk and it's good for heartburn as well. My diet is worse than yours! Did go on a bit of a health kick a few weeks ago but it didnt last too long.
    Today: breakfast - Jam on toast, 2 pieces.
    Lunch - 3 bites of cheese & pickle sarnie (cheese tasted rank so chucked it out!!) 2 packs of crisps and a chocolate biscuit to make up for sandwich! LOL!
    Tea - Jacket potato with cheese, beans & salad.
    ....and probably loads of choc later! Still got eggs to finish yknow. Lolxxxx

  • yeah im not too good at eating good but what you have bumpety bump seems great...for me breakfast: cereal or 2 slices of toast with butter, maybe once a week we have a fried breakfast of potato scone, runny fried egg and beans!, lunch is usually what my 3 yr old has like toast and beans or soup and bread, dinner is always the worst, usually pizza and potatos or mince and potatoes or pasta, something really basic. but on top of that i culd ahave at least 2 packs of crisps a day and at least 2 choc bars!! I do try to snack on fruit throughout the day, if we have any in, and when im good i could have 3 peieces of fruit a day which isnt much.

    this is my second baby and i ate a lot of takeaways etc first time round as i was on my own and too tired to cook, my girl was born perfectly healthy and still is, so i wouldnt worry!x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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