Has anyone else seen this?


I am in awe! I find it uncomfortable enough carrying one, let alone eight!

Best of luck to the parents. I imagine they are embarking on quite an adventure! image

And here's hoping for the continuing health and long life for all the babies.


  • The babies will be in incubators for at least six weeks and the mother is planning to breast feed them all, the hospital officials said

    image :lol: :lol: :lol: She'll never, ever do anything else for the next year!!
  • I just posted about this on the "due in June forum" !!

    can't believe it - god just think how sore her poor boobs will get! image
    Ames x
    22 wks today
  • Woooow image
    8 Babie's.
    This woman deserves an award.
    What little miracles :\)
  • Its mad eh? Ive just seen a bit on tv about it... well done her!

    Hope they all survive, theyre sooo tiny ranging from 1lb-3lb i think and 9 weeks early :\(

    Sharon x

  • Can you imagine all of those babies moving around in your tum!!! lol Oh and imagine trying to pick names for them all, i found it hard enough picking one! x
  • i hope they will all be ok as they are so small.
  • Madness. How will they remember which one's which! I'm a twin and my parents found that hard enough! My nan had to wuite work to help mum with us. No idea how you even begin to cope with 8! Imagine the washing...! x
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