weird dreams and braxton hicks

i have found the further long i am the weirder my dreams are getting.
a common one is that i dream about our home and weird furnishings or that i go into labour early in really embaressing situations such as in a restaurant or supermarket.
i really hope its not an omen because i get really strong braxton hicks, wouldnt want it to be the real thing just yet. Today i think hes really active and the BH are really strong(maybe because i go back to work this afternoon).
Filo x


  • i keep having dreams of giving birth down the crisp isle in tesco!also my braxton hicks are really strong,im 30 weeks,i hope it doesnt mean i will be to early,my baby is so active as well,my midwife said sometimes if the baby is very active it makes the braxtons worse.
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