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Hi ladies, i hope you are all well (and your bumps too). Sorry just need to rant about how rude people are. im 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my second child. And this past week ive had to go down town to do some shopping a cupple of times and the amount of people who just walked into or pushed into me and my bump or walked into and knocked my 3 year old daughter over is horrendus. ( please note that my bump is very notestable and that i was holding my daughter's hand at all times). and every time that this happened i would say to the person" you could of said exsuse me" they would look at me like i was some kind of nutter. also i went to get the bus home and coz the bus was full the driver called out " can someone get up for this woman please" 3 times and everyone just looked out the windows petending not to see me or hear the driver. so i ended up having to get a taxi home coz there was no way i was going to be able to hold the shopping, hold my daughters hand and stand for 20 min on the bus. even my oh has notest how rude people are towareds pregnant women or parents with children. i dont know if it is just were i live or if others are having the same problems. ( Sorry i just feel abit stressed about this) x.


  • i work in a supermarket and the people are so rude to me and ignorent! i was on clothing department yesterday and a woman walked into me and stood on my foot( which i yelled auch she was a very big woman) she just looked at me and said i shouldnt be in her way and stormed off! i was horrified! how was this my fault? also people with trollys seem to think as i work there they can walk into me and thats ok! i dont have a bump yet! but wen i do and any one does that i dont know if ill be able to keep my mouth shut! i cnt believe how people treated you faeriestar, its redicules! (cnt spell lol)
  • How you were treated, especially on the bus, is ridiculous! So no-one stood up? How rude!!! You should have asked someone to stand up, I would but then I've been very angry since being pregnant. :lol:

    I haven't experienced the same thing, however when I was in Morrisons a few days ago a lady let me go in front of her in the queue which was really nice of her...
  • I can't stand these rude people!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Stand up for yourselves, these people are whimps!
  • Its the same everywhere! I was in morrisons and a woman just barged her trolly into my belly, i got extreamly angry and actually shouted at her, its not as if my bump is not noticable, its huge!!!! One good thing so far is i was in a huge que for the laides in the shoppin centre in plynouth and about 3 very nice older ladies asked if i would like to go in front of them, bless, of course i said yes as i was burstin lol
  • Hi Faeriestar

    you have actually beaten me to it with your post on rude people - i was going to do the same earlier this morning but didnt get chance.

    I was in town on Saturday doing the last of my xmas shopping when i went into Woolworths and followed two adult men into the shop. they both went through the double doors and both of them let the doors slam into me. I yelled after them 'excuse me- youve just let the door slam into me!!'. One looked round at me and didnt say anything so i shouted again at them saying 'you could at least have the decency to apologise'. then the other bloke turned round and actually smirked at me. That set me off, i was yelling like a mad women shouting that they were obviously brought up with no manners, did they think it was funny to let doors slam into a pregnant woman (or anyone for that fact) and called them ignorant pigs'. If i could have got nearer to them, i think i may have been tempted to kick them in the legs!!

    Then a woman in Morrisons banged her large handbag into my tummy and when i said ouch - she didnt even apologise.

    I am so glad ive got all my shopping now as this is exactly what i wanted to avoid and I;m not even that big yet (I'm nearly 22 wks).

    What is wrong with these people??
  • I'm beginning to think that me and my, quite large, bump are just totally invisible!! People keep banging into me, wouldn't be so bad but in town with husband last week (he is a 6ft, rugby playing doorman, not little!) and even he was getting barged out of the way! Having been bar manager of a busy nighclub i've got quite good at using the shoulder barge back when people barge into me, but hey this bump is a precious bundle and doesn't deserve the battering.

    But in a few weeks it'll be a little bundle in a pushchair, hmmm, pushchair means wheels at ankle height.... you know what, i might have to chase all the people who are bashing me around the town and take their ankles out, revenge is sweet!

  • Where the hell do you all live??!! Ive never experienced anything like this when I was pregnant. I got on a bus once with my 2yr old and my 32week bump (usually drive but car was off the road) and even tho there was loads of seats down the back of the bus, people were jumping up and offering me their seats because they were at the front of the bus, and the driver even waited until we were safely sitting down b4 driving off!!

    I think the only bit of rudness I have experienced is with people taking the parent and child spaces when they dont have kids with them. I always point out to them that they shouldnt be abusing the spaces, and VERY occasionally they apologise and move. Ususally tho they either mutter somethig and scuttle off or get all uppity and start to argue. (If they think Im the type to back down they are VERY much mistaken :lolimage

    Maybe we should have a survey to get an idea of where all these rude and ignorant people are so that we can all avoid the areas with our bumps 'n' babes?!
    I live in north Wales, so maybe we are just more mannerly and polite around here :lol:!!!
  • Im in Cumbria. Mind you, not everyone is the same. When i was in Morrisons the same day as teh Woolworths incident, i couldnt find the newspapers so i asked a young member of staff and he said they had moved near to the doors and he asked which paper. i told him and off he went and brought it for me without me even having to ask whilst i unpacked all my shopping. He even said 'your welcome love'. I thought what a nice lad he was!
  • I live in Stoke-on-Trent (quite northerly) and the people are very polite. If I'm shopping and someone bumps me (e.g.not looking where they're going) then they always say 'sorry shug' or 'duck' or 'flower' or 'lovey' or 'sweet' or 'pet' or 'matey' or 'sunshine'!! I'm not from here so all these sayings seem really funny to me! I'm originally from Northamptonshire (more south) and the people there are no where near as nice and considerate as up here!!

    So I guess it depends on where you live.
  • im in lincs and im sorry if i offend anyone but the people here are quite slow and dim... ooh im gonna get in toruble for saying that i no but im fed up of people stopping in the middle of footpaths or walking towards me assuming im gonna move out of their way... since ive lived here i cant think of a time someone has made an act of kindness towards me...door holding is a major peeve, i would never dream of letting a door go on someone..grr!! oh and my bump is massive! im due on saturday so noone has the excuse for not noticing it! im preparing myself for this as i want to go the xmas market on sat in city..might take a pram like Obi suggested and ram a few ignorant pigs down with it!
    hormonal or what?!
  • Im glad ive finished work now but i had to catch the busy 7.10 am train into work and it was full of bussiness people. I had a big bump from about 6 months on so everyone knew but no one ever gave me their seat. Once i passed out in the doorway just before we pulled into Leeds staition where train ends and some of them acually stepped over me to get off!!!image
  • omg hunibuni!!!! thats awful
  • I have found I can't get passed people in shops now and they tut at me! I can't help having a bump!!

    25 weeks + 4!
  • I had this yesterday in town went to do some Christmas shopping and the amount of people who barged me out of the way in door ways was just huge mind everyone single one of them i made a comment back to along the lines of don't say excuse me or What lovely manners you have to barge a pregnant woman out of the way. I have to say though the majority of these people were women, the men generally held the door and one sales assistant in M & S was really lovely i was sat on a chair whilst hubby looked at shoes and he told me where there was a more comfortable seat a few yards away.
  • I know exactly what you mean a few weeks ago when I was on the tube some woman kept elbowing and shoving my bump (I was 31wks at the time so it was very noticable!), I told her if she elbows my baby in the head one more time I'll do it to her, everyone else in the carriage started laughing which made me feel loads better.x
  • What about the questions people ask, though, as if you're pregnancy is everybodys business. 'Was it planned?' is the one I have been getting most often. Does it matter I feel like replying but always feel obliged to be really polite to them and not point out how inappropriate the questions are, and that actually it's none of their business!!
  • Hi girls I just got to post and say it gets absolutely no better when you have your babies! I got a one year old and nearly 3 year old. My 3 year old walks unless its a long journey and have little un in buggy, the old ladies always moan about the buggy being on the bus! Noone ever holds a door open for you to get pushchair in shops. Your always the one to move out the way on a pavement the list goes on. I have to bite my tongue so many times as my eldest is picking things up so dont want to moan at anyone and then her do the same as one time i muttered bitch about some rude lady who nearly knocked daughetr over and my daughter shouted it out!! So wont be doing that again.

    Good luck all xx
  • Hi ladies, I agree with madnbella, I went on a train with my son when he was 8 months old and no-one stood up to let me sit down and so I had to stand on a packed train holding my son whilst balancing his pushchair on my other hip. obviously had a changing bag aswell.

    now don't get me wrong I dont expect special treatment but, come on, how mean and uncaring are people, I always move for people who are worse off than me be it old pregnant, laiden with shopping or babies.

    Although its not always bad, I once went for lunch with my OH and son and he was screaming his head off (my son not OH) with bordum and the very old couple on the table next to us said oh give him here and sat him on her lap and chatted to him, he was giggling his head off while we sat having dinner chatting to old couple and we finished just as there dinner came out! restored some of my faith.
  • oh dear, not good when your 3yr old copies what you say. pity swear words were invented as they cause so many upsets and arguements. My oh swears horrendously even around kids as he forgets to watch what he says. I have this dreadful feeling my lo's first word will be f***. I'll cry if it is i dont approve of swearing in front of kids and am forever telling him off infront of the kids he's around. (usually friends kids). don't want to have to do it with our own as it wont look good to the child. oh look mommy and daddy are arguing over daddy's bad language again
  • I was once in my local Barclays (i;m not painting a very good picture of my home town with all my moaning am i??) and her child was playing up a bit and she really shouted at the child and was shouting things like 'f***ing shut up - will you' and really swearing at him (i cant remember exactly what she said now) but i remember being horrified and wanting to give her a piece of my mind but i didnt. This was in the bank with lots of people around and she had no shame. Its disgusting and what hope is there for the poor kid if thats its role model???
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