boooooooooo :(

i thought this was a proper chat room !!! :\?


  • it does say message board huni not chat room. its chat via messages. sorry. i prefer it though means i don't miss out as i'm at work and can't do chat rooms.
  • yeh suppose!!! im well excited bout tlkin to other mums to be and now im speechless lol !!! any other first mums to be???
  • where is it i attach the code for my ticker thing is anybody dont mind helping??
  • when you type your converse just add it at the end hun. i'm a first time mom to be and really excited how far gone are you? i'm 13+3
  • oooooooo thanx alot :P well congratualtions on being a first time mum lyk me image wahooo !! im 24 + 1 getting impatient now tho i just want to see him image hows your experience with pregnancy so far ?? xx

  • do yopu know wat you r havin blondy??
    im only 11 weeks
  • yes a little boy im so excited !!!! couldnt stand not knowing, is everyone else going to find out the sex??? !!!! aww congrats hun.
  • i am gunna find out! i cnt wat gotta wait 10 weeks now tho image
  • aww gutted !!! it will come quick hopefully u hun! u a first time mom too??? how old r u hun? x
  • im 19 and yes its my first im so excited u?
  • oo im 20 where u from?? u hoping for a certain sex?? girl or boy?? u had ur first scan then? x
  • lol you sound well excited Blondy lol not long left till he pops out
    Wish it was sooner for me. due the 20th of june... experience not to bad now, had horrendous nausea but other than chronic pains i'm actually blooming image
  • yeah i had my scan at 7 weeks i wand a girl n oh wants a boy! im frm cheshire u?
  • yeh at first i was well suprised and shocked and was so nervous bout the whole thing didnt really want him to come out but now i just want him to come out so i can finally meet him and he can stop kickin me when im trying to sleep lol.
    aww gutted i was lucky i had no morning sickness so feelin sick or anything. just the lil dohnut kicks the hell out of me now :lol:
  • aww bless, im from birmingham!!! was baby planned if u dont mind me asking? x
  • lil bear was planned just was surprised how quickly they concieved! had my 1st scan and had my 12 week one two. makes a big difference. they were only 2 weeks apart but the 1st dating was 4 weeks between that and the 2nd dating lmao. mine isn't kicking or anything. dont feel pregnant at mo itsd wierd only time i feel remotely preggs is when i over do it and belly lets me know! we don't care what sex although i have doll syndrome and he wants one to play rugby with lol he's obsessed with if its a boy it'll be more rugby focused image well not if i have my way lol
  • lol yeah this one was planned was yours? i got real bad sickness n every thin else you can think of lol!
  • aww bless, i feel so sorry for the mums that get morning sickness i dont no how u cope !!! no mine wasnt planned, was a big suprise. !!

    lil bear awww bless is that what u call him/her?? i jus call mine bump haha, uve had 2 scans already :O my dating scan was my 12 week scan i only get 2, where u from crochetmom??? loool aww bless, im feel lucky i wanted a boy and i got him :P rugby ay nice sport bit ruff lol. awww everyone was planned cept for my lil boy image lol ill jus tell him he was haha image

    hows everyone feeling bout the labour part? nervous? x
  • hey ya blondy - im a first time mummy too lol im 11weeks and 2 days got my first scan on thursday coming. you picked any names out for your little man yet ? where abouts in birmingham u from ? jem xx
  • awww well good luck with ur scan im sure all will be well !!!! image erm yeh its out of cohen, colby or owen !!! more then likely colby or cohen tho !!! want something dif unique. where u from then hun ? x
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