Sweep - bleeding & sex??

Hi all,

I had a sweep yesterday afternoon & the MW told me that I was 2cm dilated and that baby's arrival shouldn't be too far away now.

24hrs later and I've had no further signs that anything is happening.

I'm still losing some blood & I'm just wondering is this normal 24hrs later? Also, if I want to resort to trying the curry & sex thing tonight, is it OK for me to have sex when I'm 2cm dilated?

Any advice appreciated - thanks girls xx



  • I wouldn't worry that ur sweep hasnt start anything I had a sweep wen I got to 40wks and then ended up been induced ten days later coz baby really didnt want to come out. I wud say ur okay to have sex while ur dialated as baby is well protected and unless ur OH is "hung like a derby winner" he wnt get anywhere near (sorry if tmi). I wud say sex would be gud while ur dialated coz the hormone in spream is the same sort of stuff that is in the gel they use to induce u, so u never know it might kick start u and u cud have a valentines day baby, ha ha ha. Gud luck, Kerry xxx

  • I had a sweep 9 days ago and consultant said he could feel babys head with fingers so i dont think i could bear the thought! This may be tmi but i read on a website that the sperm often works better if digested!!!!!!!!!
  • hi my midwife also said sperm is good cause it softens your cervix and is the same stuff in the gel they use in induction (altho i think its actually pigs sperm sorry!) but in any case it will still help.

    i had an exam with my first and hadnt realised but was told i was 2cm dilated and we had been having sex cause we had no idea, it didnt do any harm to baby.

    i think they would have specifically told you not to have sex if it was an issue, i think it is only once your waters have brokent that you shouldnt have sex incase of infection casue then the baby isnt protected
  • hi when i had a sweep i was also 2cm dilated and my midwife told me to have sex! she recommended being on all fours as it apparantly helps the sperm to hit the spot! sorry if tmi. it worked for me and went into labour 6 hours later. good luck
  • hey, i had a sweep with my lo and it is still normal to be losing blood so i wouldnt worry and it is safe to have sex, midwifes encourage this as there is something in the sperm to help you go into labour! good luck and i hope your lo is here soon xx
  • Thanks girls...I'm giving it all a go tonight then!

    I've just had a lovely hot bath with clary sage oil, the curry has been ordered and I'm going to give Hubby an early Valentines pressie! Keep everything crossed for me! ;\) xx
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