Maternity exemption certificate

Hi girls

When did you all get your maternity exemption certificate back?I sent mine off a couple of weeks ago and was just asking a friend who is also pregnant if she has hers back and she told me you dont get it until your 20 weeks, is this true?

charlie x 10+6


  • i havent even sent of for one yet, i keep forgetting to get te form. I will send my oh to the docs in the mornng tomorrow. Can you remember what the form was called? Abey & 29 week bump
  • ye its a application form FW8.Or you can just for a Maternity exemption certificate cant you?

    charlie x
  • Hi charlie

    I sent mine away when I was 8wks & as far as I can remember I got it back 2-3wks later

  • I sent mine off when i was 9 weeks and got it 2 weeks later. I f you've been waiting for ages chase it up.

    Good Luck

    38+1 xxx
  • I've had mine since 8weeks pregnant, definitely chase it up.
  • thanks everyone

    i have emailed them as i went on their website and it says within 21 days,im not sure if its been that long but thought id check.The main reason i made this post is because my friend is 15 or 16 wks and she said her doctors told her she can just come pick it up from the surgery when shes 20 weeks.

    thanks everyone
    charlie x 10+6
  • she may b thinking of mat1b which you get at 20wks, which is to do with smp etc. i sent exemption one off at 10 wks, got it back in about 10 days
  • Hi is the maternity exemption cert to get your free prescriptions?
    I'm 25 weeks & only just sent that off!! & i haven't got my mat1b yet? do i get this from the midwife?
  • i dont think i have ever been so confussed lol.My mate seems to think a maternity exemption certificate is the same as a Matb1 but Obi you say they are different??? Do you have both then?

  • maternity exemption if for free NHS stuff, yu can get that straight away. MATB1 form is to give your employer when you sort out your maternity leave, you get this of your m/w at about 20weeks. hope this helps x
  • hi yeh thanks that helps, think it was just my mate confusing me! She got it wrong lol!

    charlie x 10+6
  • got mine at 10 weeks but they made a mistake and it runs out in jan, but thats when my baby is actually born so phoned them, they are supposed to send me a new one but haven't got it yet! will have to chase it up i think
    Samantha 20+2
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