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maternity sports clothes?

hi girls.
am planning to keep going to gym throughout preg (with personal trainer so I know I'm doing safe exercise). at 12+2 lots of my gym clothes are already too tight, but there hardly seems to be anything out there to wear with a bump. most sites just seem to have yoga pants which will be too hot, tho considering buying cheap ones and cutting the legs off to make shorts!!

anyone else found anywhere good that stocks sportswear with bump space?



  • I've kept on wearing my normal bottoms, just tucking the waistband under the bump. On top, I've just worn larger t-shirts in a technical fabric, I've got a good supply of these that I've got in race goody bags over the years, but I guess a small men's one would do the trick. They're not the most girly thing ever, but they don't look too bad and have definitely been a cheaper option! Still wearing them at 32 weeks.
  • yeah I was thinking might have to go with mens tops. most of my freebie race tops are cheapo cotton material tho. but going to an outlet mall next weekend, so might look in the nike and reebok outlets. how many times have you had to change sports bras? as I'm already 2 sizes bigger than I was at start.
  • Blooming Marvellous ( do some sportswear, I noticed in a catalogue they sent me recently. Try code S01RMB1 for 20% discount too - someone found it in a magazine and posted it on here earlier.
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