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Did anyone just know that they were pregnant?UPDATED



  • i knew with both my pregnancys i had no symtoms but something just made me do a test and i was i find it quite spookey lol
  • I did but only because I had been pg before and lost it. If it hadn't been for that I wouldn't have known, but i just knew how I had felt before and kind of guessed from about 8dpo. I was pretty certain by about 11dpo.
  • Seems really stupid to say this but i knew after we did the deed both times for some really strange reason the bding we did felt proper that time like yep thats done it very strange feeling but i knew before i did the test aswell as i would only test on the month's that i thought i may have caught. Both times it took me 3 months xx
  • Yes i did but as Reddress said above, I had a mc a few months before so when I got pregnant again I just knew. The tiredness, heart pounding and tender breasts started started almost straight away. I did a test to confirm it 10dpo. I wasn't the least bit suprised when it was positive. Good luck, fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • I knew!! It was really funny because when I did eventually test, my hubby read the test wrong and said that we hadn't done it that month. I just looked at him and told him he must have read it wrong because I was pregnant!! And I was right!

    I had the really strong sensation one night as I went to sleep about 10 days before I tested and I remember thinking then "That's it then, I'm pregnant"...

    Strange what your body does.. Also not helped by the fact that at less than 2 weeks pregnant, I was throwing up like no tomorrow!!!!

    Good luck!

    C xx
  • Thanks Ladies
    Ive really enjoyed reading everyones story, its funny how your bodies work isnt it!
    Funny that a few of you have mentioned about feeling calm, I had a chem pg 2 months ago and that is how I felt then before I tested! Obviously I am using that experience to draw comparisons.
    Its a funny feeling, its like I just know! I can not stop eating as well, I constantly feel hollow yet bloated at the same time!
    Last time with my chem pg I just knew that AF wasnt going to turn up, I didn't have that feeling that she was on her way.
    I am going to try and put off testing till the weekend so I will let you all know the out come
    Thanks for all the good lucks
  • I had no idea with my first, didn't find out until I was 7wks when I remembered af hadn't shown up!

    This time I definatley knew 10 days before af was due, I woke up after 8 hrs sleep and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Just the feeling of extreme exhaustion, I took a first response and no.2 is due in may

    Good luck xx
  • I've just found out today- tested one day early because I "just knew" was SS like crazy but guess it was all justified!
  • From the beginning of the cycle when I got my BFP I just knew I would get pregnant that month, even before I ovulated. If you look through my other posts you will see I was absolutely convinced. I had no symptoms during my 2ww (although I had the worlds worst cold so I may have but just couldn't tell) and there was nothing to make me think this I was just so sure!

    I hope you are right!! Good luck!
  • I just looked back through and I have found these 2 threads that I posted in May when I got my BFP...
  • I kind of knew. I had spotting at 7DPO and then a teeny bit more at 8DPO, and I though, either this is implantation of my AF is coming more than a week early! I did a test at 8DPO in the evening and it said BFP- what surprised me was not the fact that I was pregnant but that I got my BFP so early, and in the evening too!

    H2B asked why I tested and I said that I sort of knew, What I didn't expect was the test to know too!

    Good luck x
  • I just knew.

    With my first I knew after we'd had sex that it had worked. I remember thinking before I went to sleep that I was pregnant. Strange as we weren't even trying. My daughter is now 19 months old!

    We were trying for our second and I had a suspicion that I was but OH insisted that I wasn't because we had only bd once that month (following a chemical pg) sure enough I was right that time, too! JJ is now 5 months!

  • I am around 3/4 days late on my periods and I can't shake the feeling that I'm pregnant, though when I tell myself that I might not be, I am still convinced, I just have a feeling that I have never had before. My mum was the same when she got pregnant with me. I am so nervous! Does anyone think that I am? 

  • U cud be chick. I knew at 7dpo that I was. Tested every day till the day I was due on and watched the lines get darker and darker till I got pregnant 2-3 weeks on a clearblue digital on the day I was due on. Do a first response test! GL X

  • I knew straight away! I dont know how but i just felt different. Then the day my period was due came and first thing, I did a pregnancy test, it was negative. Two days later, I still didnt come on so I did another test and had the fainted line, went to see my mum excited and did another when I got home (baring in mine, this was 9pm onwards), couldnt sleep all night and me and mum were texting by 6 am and I did another test in the morning but this time it was a clear blue digital and my gut was right, by 7:45am I found out that I had a little bubba inside me. Amazing how the body works!

    Unfortunatly, my baby passed away a few weeks later but I am still feeling so blessed and lucky that we got that chance, even though it wasnt for long X

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