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Did anyone just know that they were pregnant?UPDATED

Afternoon Ladies
I was just wondering if any of you pregnant ladies just knew you were pregnant before you tested?
I am 6 dpo and today I just can not shake the feeling that I am pregnant, its like something in me is telling me I am? Its very strange.
We have been TTC for 4 months and I have never felt like this before, I am so sure I feel like I could put money on it!
I have a few other symptoms as well, but I am really trying to not get too excited.

Well I guess my feeling was spot on Ladies coz I got my BFP Ahhhhhhh
Tested today at 13 dpo and the line came up pretty much straight away, we are so happy! I had a chem pg 2 months ago and when I tested then I was 4 days late for AF and the line was barely there, I just knew it didnt look good! This time tho it is the day AF was due and the line is definately there.
Fingers crossed and just praying that our little bean sticks around

Thanks for all your messages


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  • I did. I knew from pretty much the beginning. Although we weren't trying, something just felt different. I tested before AF was due and I was right. My mum worked in maternity as part of her training and said it was very common that women just know they are pregnant.

    Good luck. Fingers crossed for you. x
  • nope - i was adamant that we hadn't done it that month - i had NO symptoms during the 2ww (ok i did fall asleep while having my nails done but didn't count that at the time) and i had all the usual pre-af feelings / twinges

    in fact the previous month i had had every symptom in the book and still got BFN

    i think maybe if this wasn't my first then i might have had an inkling but early pregnancy is nothing like i imagined it to be at all
  • Well we weren't trying and a day before my period i had this feeling and i don't know what but something made me do a pregnancy test - then 4 more lol. My nipples had been hurting for about a week before this but i thought that was just my period coming.

    So yeah i had a feeling.

    Good Luck!! x
  • I didn't know, but I have a friend who is adamant that she knows as soon as she conceives!! x
  • I did. Me and hubby were trying but it was coming up to like 2 years so we no longer thought of it as trying anymore just sex really lol. And its so hard to describe 1 day i felt no different then the next i dunno it was like a teeny weeny bit of my stomach just felt heavier, sort of like having a stone down my top pulling me down lol its so hard to explain. Still i knew i was pregnant but that didnt stop me from doing 7 tests in the end haha
  • I was convinced I WASN'T although looking back I felt eerily calm about that month and had no real desire to test early like a maniac. Maybe deep down somewhere in my subconcious...

    K 16+0
  • i was pretty sure - i feel like i can pinpoint the exact moment of implatation, i felt strange and shivery and had an odd pain in my uterus. I visualised the bean burrowing in lol and was really calm. Three days later i got my BFP! very strange xx
  • I did, probably from about 10DPO because of my boobs - they started getting really achey and one (just one!) of my nipples was really itchy. I never get anything like this before AF. This has happened both times before my BFP, although I was still nervous as hell before POAS!! Without my boob symptoms though, I wouldn't have had a clue!!!

    Good luck, hope you get your BFP!

    Kristen xx
  • I did! Even when my tests were still coming up negative I just knew it! x
  • I strongly suspected it, about a week before BFP - I had been feeling quite tired for no apparent reason, and then burst into tears at the airport when the immigration control guy asked for my boarding card. My immediate thought was "Please don't judge me, I'm pregnant, not mad!". And then I thought - oh my God, I'm pregnant!!! But I put off taking the test for a week for fear of jinxing it! image
  • ha ha ha ha ha KP!!!
  • I kinda knew. I was having every symptom in the book ( but also had myself convinced the month before!!) I think you can just know... hope your right!!! xxx
  • yep i knew we had been trying for about 3/4 months and i knew about a week before af was due. I normally got really bad pains around then and spotting but back in june nothing!!! i took the test 6 days before af was due image xx
  • I did...twice..

    My first pregnancy in January (that sadly ended in mmc) i just had a feeling (as i did that something was wrong and i was right then too) hubby thought i was being silly but despite not having any symptoms as i didnt know what to look out for i just knew...had spotting 2 days before af and had been so sure i was pregnant so i didnt understand but turned out to be implantation and when it didnt come to much i tested 2 days after my af would have been due and bfp!

    after my mmc my cycles were all over the place and i had a lot of spotting each month and didnt know if i was oving again but after 6 months and the week before my edd i got my bfp (still very early days as just over 6 weeks now so hoping alls well this time) i tried ov sticks that month and didnt get a surge so i dont know when i ov'd but i had slight cramps on/off for about a week and i also felt nauseus and almost fainted when i got out of the shower (the week before af was due) i also noticed lots more bumps round my nipples that i had notcied when pregnant and i just felt i spotting til 3 days before af which was different from my period each month previously so i tested on a cheapy test 2 days early and got a strong positive! Every month leading up to BFP i was convinced i had 'symptoms' cause your led to expect them but that month i didnt stress as much and it obviously worked....

    Sorry this is so long!

    Good Luck anyway..


  • hi

    I did. We have been trying for 6 months and although I had cut down on alcohol, I did not cut it out completely.

    I had a drink last week and could not stand it!

    The next day I did a test and got a BFP

    Good luck!! x
  • First time round I had no idea. I didn't really "feel" pregnant until the bump started to appear.

    This time round I didn't feel any different either, but SOMETHING made me go and buy folic acid at the same time as buying two pg tests (the pregnany wasn't planned so I hadn't been taking it). So perhaps something in me knew, to have done that.

    I hope your feeling is right! Keep us updated!
  • I didn't have a clue, but in hindsight it explained everything! Had my hair done and the highlights went a lot more blonde than usual, plus when the hairdresser tried to curl my hair as she dried it it wouldn't hold - I have curly hair, it always holds!!! I was really really sick after having a small amount of alcohol, and then the day after that I was literally arguing with hubby that I had to buy a CBFM so I could make sure I was ovulating and get pregnant as soon as possible, I have no idea why, I'd never ever been like that before! He kept saying, "Just wait and see if we've done it this month" because I was about 6 days off AF arriving, but I was utterly convinced we hadn't done it, yet desperate to be pregnant - proper crying and everything. My poor hubby!!! I tested heaps that week, then managed to convince myself that I was diabetic because I kept weeing all the time. Didn't get a BFP until the day AF was due, March 14th. Madness! Hubby says now, looking back, it was completely obvious that I was pregnant, whether the tests were showing it up or not, something was going mad with my hormones!

    Fingers crossed for you, hon!

    Em 36+0 x x x
  • I was nauseaous and had a coffee aversion from about 7 DPO, but the tests didn't show a BFP until I was 12 DPO. I was fairly sure I was pregnant, but the BFNs had me questioning!
  • Nope, I had no clue at all, was suffering all the usual AF signs and felt just as I do before AF arrives. I did though feel strangely calm for the first time in 10 months of TTC. Can't explain it, just very chilled and relaxed.

    The first clue I had was a big drop in my temperature at 9DPO and eventually when AF was a date late I tested and got my BFP.

    I hope your feelings are right and you get a BFP soon


  • Looking back now if I got pregnant again and felt the way I did during the 2ww then I would definately know I was pg. I was just convinced that I couldnt be pg because was only 1st month of ttc.

    Good luck honey hope you get your BFP this month. x

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