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Hi all

Sorry for the random post! Do any of you have your TV's on the walls? We have a nice TV - a flat one and I think its about 40" maybe? Hubby wants to put it up on the walls but I am really not keen. I'm just not sure I trust the safety aspects, especially with a baby on the way and two cats. i.e. it falling off!!!

The wall he's proposing using is the wall that seperates our house with our neighbours house... we are in a new build (well its about 4.5yrs old now) and the mid-terrace of 3 houses.

I'm just VERY concerned about it all and wondered if anyone has any thoughts!

Or ask your hubbies!!! (better still don't, they might agree with hubby being men!!!)

Joo xxx
35w today!!!


  • hi ya

    We have our 42" on the wall. You must just make sure the wall is 'strong' enough. We live in an early 1900's house. The tv is on the chimney breast...it has been up for 5 yrs and never budged. John Lewis sell very good tv brackets....as long as you bolt the frame to the wall properly and the wall is sturdy enough ( I am unsure with new builds), the TV will not budge....its ideal really NO sticky fingers an reach it!!!


  • Thanks!

    I think we're going to get a 'man' in to do it - def. not trusting hubby! Hopefully they deal with new builds regularly so it might be ok?

    Joo xxx
    35w today!
  • Hi Joo,

    As you know, our house is a new build town house like yours and we are also terraced.

    We've had our tv on the wall ever since we moved in and its really very secure.

    When we bought the house we asked for a socket and aerial point to be placed on the wall but we did then pay to have the tv professionally fitted and to have all the cables traced behind the plaster to connect to the dvd player, speakers, hubbys play station etc! I think it was about ??150 but if your hubby, or a friend, is good at DIY I think it would be 'fairly' easy to do yourselves!!

  • My hubby does this work professionally, we have 2 tvs on walls and are in the process of doing up our bedroom so it will soon be 3 :roll: boys and their toys!!!
    As others have said if the wall is sturdy enough and you get the proper bracket it is perfectly safe and I have to admit I love it, it takes away all the clutter!! We also put dvd player, video, playstation sound system etc into a cupboard under the stairs so there is no ugly stack of boxes in the sitting room.
    There have been instances of tv's falling off with tragic consequences so its definitely worth getting a professional to do the job and if they can bury the cables it looks so much better.
    If you want any more advice mail me and I can get info from hubby. Im in ireland so not advertising or touting for business :\)

    Lisa xxx
  • Wow thanks so much ladies for taking the time to post!
    Bec & Lara with the houses like mine - makes me feel more at ease!
    Lisa, thanks so much for the offer, if I lived nearer I would be in touch as I am definitely one who goes by personal recommendations - but we are in Hampshire!
    I am coming around to the idea now... but will keep you posted on whether I give in! LOL

    Much love, Joo xxxxx
    35w today!
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