18 weeks and have that horrible feeling again...

Well i'm 18 +1 today - yippee! image

I had my last mw appt 2 weeks ago and heard the heartbeat and everything was fine. Now I'm driving myself mad again that there is something wrong just because nothing has seemed to have 'happened' since then. Yes I have a bump (but not sure whether it has grown in the last couple of weeks that much) but I don't think I have felt any movement yet and it drives me insane that there maybe something wrong and its another 3 weeks till my next scan.

I hate feeling and being so neurotic! Its so not me to be like this and there is no indictaion that there is anthing wrong - no cramps or bleeding or anything. I think I have just read too many horror stories about people going for their 20 week scan and finding out there is no heartbeat - it literally sends shudders through me.

can someone pleeeeease reassure me that everything is ok?! :\?



  • Abs,

    Everything is fine image you aren't neurotic you are normal image

    Try not to worry yourself if this is your first you probably won't feel any movement for weeks yet - there is a period during your pregnancy where nothing "happens" I found it was between 16 and 22 weeks I didn't even feel pregnant, I had no bump nothing!

    Try and enjoy your pregnancy matey cos it gets real uncomfortable soon lol

    37 weeks
  • you probs have had little movements but its just like you belly rumbling, im 20 weeks today and i was realy worried because with my son i felt him move at 15 weeks and by 20weeks i looked like the size of a bus, but this time i have no bump and have only just startd feeling little things but its like trapped wind, best thing to try and feel movements is to eat something and then sit quiet for a while because there more active after youve had something to eat, but some people take up to 22weeks to feel even the slightest movement

    hope this helps a little

  • hi hon,
    please dont be stressed sure everything is fine, have you thought about getting a doppler? i bought one off ebay about ??25 i think, and was great to listen to the babys heartbeat for reassurance. also got it so DH could listen as well as he doesnt come to midwife appointments.
    baby will be moving soon hon, and you'll have all the regular reassurance you need!!
    good luck hon x
  • Hey hun, Its completely natural to worry right through your pregnancy-especially at your stage where nothing visable seems to be happening and if your not feeling movements yet.
    Dont listen to the horror stories, I dont think it happens as often as people sometimes make out. Im sure everything will be fine with your baby xxx


  • I'm exactly a week behind you Abby but know what you mean! This is why I ordered the Angelsounds monitor as it's just too long between my 4 weekly midwife appointments, my 12 week scan was weeks ago now and although my 20 week scan is 3 weeks away it still feels like forever.....

    I'm now within the time frame when we should start feeling movements but don't think I have yet.... although I felt a popping like a champagne cork the other night when I was in bed but haven't felt it since.

    It just feels so normal to have huge boobs and a 'bump' that I've kinda stopped feeling pregnant :lol: Really impatient!!!! :roll:
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