Pelvic pain

I'm 36 weeks and the pain in my pelvic area is so sore it is unreal. I am wearing a physio support band to try and ease the pressure but does anyone have advice on how to ease the pain?? Getting in and out of bed makes me want to cry which is a bit crap when I'm up about 3 times in the night for the toilet...aarrgghhhh!!!! Please let me have the baby at 37 weeks cos 4-6 more weeks of this would kill me!!!

Any hints or tips on how to ease this??? :\?


  • Hi ive had spd n pelvic pain quite early in this pg and in my 1st pg was on crutches for the last 12 weeks! Anyway im having acupuncture, using a hot water botlle which is safe i checked, maternity pillow my physio support belt and gym ball! The acupuncture if you can afford it is well worth the money can be expensive works for me better than physio! Exercises on the gym ball involve slight rocking forwards backwards and side ways!
    I no its alot but hope some of the things im doing help you!
  • gym ball. gym ball. gym ball. pregnancy pillow in between your legs.

    i was worried it would be difficult giving birth with the pain, but amazingly it stopped pretty much as soon as labour started (or the pain of labour was just worse). dont do too much!
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