Im 39+5 I woke up at 2.15am and a gush of fliud came out of me as i stood up it still came out. I went to the hospital where they did an internal to tell me that they could only see mucas and they thought that my waters had't broke and to go home. Now I know that they are the experts and know what they are doing but I dont feel that i WET MYSELF. It felt different not that I go round wetting myself!!!
What do you think and also is there such a thing as front and back waters ??:\(


  • yeah there are your hind waters my sis had the same she gushed water and blood but when examined they said her waters intact and that it must have been her himd waters which broke. its a sure sign things are moving in the right direction though good luck!!! xx
  • sorry if im being thick but what are your hind waters?
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