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Varicose veins....

Hi Girls

Has any1 else got varicose veins since being preg? I am devasted...

I banged my leg on the corner of the bed weeks ago and it bruised instantly as my legs are really sensitive just now, but when the bruise cleared up, its left me with a horrible purple vein right across front of my leg image I am a hairdresser and knew that standing on my feet all day could cause this, so been wearing tights and sitting down when possible. I am soo annoyed as im only 23 and i always wear skirts etc when i go out and now i feel like an old lady with scabby legs!
Is there any chance it may go away after she is born?

Im gona show her in a few years what she has done to mummy's pins!! No more miniskirts for me then??

Sharon x


  • I also got a horrible one on my leg due to hitting it on the corner of my bed! Try Sally Hansen Spray on Tights, it's great!!! I don't think they go away unfortunately, but my one sometimes fade's though.

    Cat xxx
  • i havent had any yet and am hoping as this is 2nd pg wont get any. have heard they are very common in pg though, and do apparently fade afterwards. i've got loads of little red veins appearing on my bump. not stretchmarks, just tiny little veins, had these last time and then they dissapeared!!
  • Hi Hun, I got them just on one leg at the end of my first pregnancy. Mostly spider veins but a nasty varicose running from my groin to mid thigh and another small one round my knee. I can happily tell you that as soon as you give birth they will almost fade completly, but look out in you next pregnancy, they'll be back straight away.
    I also stand for my job and have to wear support tights all the time.

    Lisa. x

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