Had my first mw appointment today at 10 weeks

Few after 90mins hundreds of pieces of paper all with info on and my bounty pack, weight, height and blood taken for testing out I came with info over load, so much to sit down and read through, where do you start. The mw wife was called Helen and she was lovely so was the student mw with her. Won't always see them as there is a team of mw but hoping to see her again, she made me laughted and made me more relaxed especially as I hate hospitals. As I was born with muscle weekness down one side and have a curved spine I have to see a special anethetist just to make sure that if I need an injection at all in my spine that I will be ok, I don't think this will be a problem as the curve is not to bad. You would not know to look at me.

Got 12 week scan in 2 weeks and then back to see mw again at 16 weeks, all good fun!


  • Thats great hun. Hope the next 2 weeks doesnt drag too much for you!! The first scan is amazing.

    Lisa xxx

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