nursery border

I bought a border to go around the wall of our nursery (one with an adhesive back to it sticks on) and assumed you didn't need to do more than just peel off and stick. That was a few weeks ago, and I came home today and found half of it had peeled off from wall (maybe cos of damp air due to all this rain?) Should I have stuck them with something else, and if so what?!


  • I think the adhesive on the back should be enough, we got one from B&Q and its still up.
  • the adhesive should be enough, you can either take back and say it doesnt stick properly(and possibly risk damaging wall) or get some paste and stick rest on with that.
    Filo x
  • I'd photograph it before you try to sort it out, in case you need to complain to the manufacturer or store. How annoying for you!
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