What is spd?

Hi ladies im wondering what exactly is spd and how do you know youve got it?Since yesterday morning have had a strange uncomfortable feeling low down under my bump cant really describe it but it is painful in an unusal kinda way my cousin who i havent seen for weeks said that im carrying v.low and i think it may be the cause, but was wondering as theres so many of you on here with this condition. it can almost be described as a burning sensation?
Im sure its not but just wanted to ask am seeing my mw on wed but any answers would be much appreciated thanks.


  • Thanks ladies yes the link was very informative, im not sure if it is or not but it hurts and (tmi) it also feels like the baby is gonna come out not just the front but back aswell very heavy pressure there, im gonna wait till wednesday as the baby is moving as normal so am not too concerned for baby but myself heyho joys of pregnancy hey?
  • Well i think i have found the cause of my pain i woke up this morning to a lovely sickness and diahorrea(sp?) bug my tummy is aching like mad and the pain seems to have subsided im hoping that this was the cause anyway.
    SB im 26weeks tomorrow and will ring mw later as dont know if ill be allowed into clinic if bug still there?hope i will cos i wanna get myself checked out otherwise its a trip to docs for me and to be honest they pretty useless in my area!:\(
  • I know what am i like hey? hope thats all it is dont envy any of you with youre spd at all but the feeling last night was nasty fingerscrossed it will stay away now though!
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