Hi All


This is my first pregancy I only found out a few days ago I am approx 5 and 1/2 weeks been to see the doctor and I have booked in the midwife but not got my appointment until may.

Does anyone recommend any good books to buy on pregnancy and babies !!


  • pregnancy bible! x
  • if you can get hold of a copy of Emma's Diary, that is really good - my doctor didn't give me one grr. lol xxx oh and sign up for bounty, emmas diary, boots parenting club, tesco mother and baby club online too. search them on google. they all send you info and free stuff xxx
  • I would say buy the pregnancy mags every month as they useful! I would also reccommend that you look through the baby books first as some of them are naff i got one that just says what happens at four week intervals 12, 16 , 20 weeks etc. you could also try the library as they have some good books you could take out then you have a choice lol. Good luck with the book hunt!
  • Hi mum wanna be
    Congrats on ur pregnancy & welcome to the site!
    I've signed up to any website going for freebies & stuff, i've got a subscription to this mag & i also bought a couple of books off Amazon (2nd hand, so were quite cheap)! One is The Contented Little Baby Book by Tracey Hogg (think thats the title) but i can't remember the title of the 2nd one - will have a look when i'm home!! I did see a book in Mothercare called My First Baby or something like that for about ??17.99 - did look pretty good - may get that myself!
    Sarah xx
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