ormally smoke 20 a day, cut down to -5-7 a day and am now using the nicorette inhalator to help me cut down more. am only 14 weeks PG so nobody can see my bump yet but im getting really rather peeved at people who do know having a go at me... ive smoked 20 a day for 4 years now and ive spent every day since i found i was PG cutting down how many i smoke, hopefully by end of next week ill just be using inhalator then week after ill be using nothing, im fully aware of how bad it is for my baby and i am trying so hard to quit and i know i can do it, but its not a case of just throwing them away and not smoking, as so many people seem to think it is. they all treat me like im a total moron and dont know anything! argh i dont know how to deal with it, its really starting to upset me.any ideas?


  • i think its about time to give up the habbit darling. i know its hard, but think about your baby for lords sakes. you can do it. try some strawberry bon bons, have 1 each time u get the craving.
  • Calling her a moron isnt going to help is it?! Muppet. Your not on your own charly, im also still smoking. I cut down from 20+ a day when finding out i was preg and im now having about 5. So well done to us both for being able to cut down!! I spoke to my mw and she advised me not to completely give up as the stress would do my baby more harm than the nicotine! I do intend to stop smoking all together but i know how hard it is! Try not to let it upset you hunni x
  • hey lovely ladies ignore granyvera....

    boring flamer who needs to be reported to web ed....

    don't give them the satisfaction of reacting

  • Granyvera i think ur bein really harsh and quite rude! I've never smoked but my oh has and i've seen how hard it is to stop, it's an addiction, at least these women have cut down and r tryin to quit altogether, and they know the risks. There's no point comin on this forum and puttin people down, this forum is about support and helpful advice. Well done to everyone who's cut down and hope u manage to kepp it up. Good luck!!

    Lizzy xxx
  • Hey Charli21,

    Well done Chick! Keep it up. My husband is trying to quit and it aint easy. You're little one will thank you.

    Denise xxx
  • well done for trying to stop smoking i have been off them for a year and till have odd slip ups once in a blue moon. it does get easier and i hope you get there

    granyvera- how dare you judge anyone this is a place for people to come and get advice and support.

    you know nothing about what your talking about either my mother smoked all the way through her pregnancy with me as doctor advised it would do more harm to stop and i was born over 10lbs so you know nothing at all get a life
  • hey girls, thanks for all the advice and support.

    grannyvera-anyone would think im on crack the way youre talking!

    lol its funny, small minded people who dont grasp the concept of 'helping' people. oh well, im sure i wont be crying myself to sleep tonight because of it.

    i had my scan on wednesday, my b/f keeps shoving it in my face when i light up and 9/10 it works but have got very stressful life @ the mo so if i dont have the odd one im pretty sure my blood pressure would go through the roof. not that the boy can say anything,he smokes too,however he brought a sleeve back from USA in december, theres 4 packs left it in it and both of us are hoping to quit when they are gone cos he refused to pay nearly ??6 a packet any more!! and so do i, ive had alot more cash since i cut down.

    another good thing to do, which my mama told me about, is to put the money you would usually spend on cigarettes per day into a sealed jar, do it every day for a year, and if you smoke twenty a day there will be nearly ??2000 in it at the end of the year!!!! how nuts is that? mega massive shopping spreee for me in december!
  • I don't agree with granyvera's approach and attitude at all - you've done very well to cut down which is better that doing nothing at all but ultimately the cruxt of the message is right inasmuch as your smoking is not good for baby and you need to quit asap. But don't worry, I don't think you're morons and I certainly don't think you are/will be bad mums because of it - in fact better to have a loving, sensitive smoking mum than one with clean lungs but otherwise treats you like sh*t.

    I just think you need to view your habit with a diffrent approach. When I started ttc I read a book called Easy Way (to quit smoking) by Allen Carr. It's the sort of cheesy self-help book I would never normally dream of reading but a colleague leant it to me as they gave up a life long heavy habit overnight after reading it - no patches or anything! I did the same the month before I fell pg. It's all about the psychology of thinking your addicted when really that's just a state of mind and you're not - honestly!!!. Give it a go - you've nothing to lose and everything to gain - not just for baby - you get your life back - no longer a slave to a bizarre death filled tube of paper. Go on take the plunge - trust me - do it for baby but also for yourselves.

    Best of luck to all of you that are trying to quit. You CAN do it.
  • how can anyone be so rude! vera
  • Congrats ladies on cutting down, I don't smoke myself but have a friend who is struggling to quit, in all the pregnancy books they recommend cutting down rather than stressing yourself by abruptly stopping, so keep up the good work & I hope you are all successful in reaching your goals. I don't know if it will help but I heard that fresh orange juice can help calm down nicotine cravings - worth a try, I think it is to do with the vitamin C.
  • granvera your a shallow and singleminded person and worst of all you will teach your baby that!!
    people are trying so hard to do positive things like charly and all you can do is condem them, the purpose of this forum is to ask advice and get positive feedback, so now we all know what kind of prson you are i dont think you will be getting any response unless you change your attitude
  • U go girl!! Mind u i think its sum1 whos logged on ere to upset people the sooner they get kicked off the better, they aint got nowt else better to do....
  • i think the other girls have reported them so im sure they will be kicked off, but they sound like teenagers and as if they would have any chance against us lot!!
    they have got the intellectual capacity of a withered rubber band and would not understand anything if it slapped them in the face!
  • now thats a good discription ov em! carnt stop laughing:lol:
    i av reported em also lets just hope its sooner rather than later with all these hormones flying bout that they go!!

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  • how far gone are you nezy?
  • I gave up smoking on and off for YEARS its so hard then got myself addicted to bloody nicorette lozengers!!! Anyway the only thing i knew would stop me smoking was getting pregnant and havent smoked since! Even said to hubby its been 4 months without a ciggie!! It does get easier trust me

    I also heard 2 things which brought it home to me...1, when you smoke your baby literally sits in the smoke coz it takes days for the placenta to get rid of the toxins and 2, if we think its hard to give up thats is what your baby will have to do once born, coz your baby will be addicted and then they have to go through the withdrawal and all the crap we do when we give up!!

    That put me off!
    Well done on cutting down i really feel for you but it gets better. My mum smoked all the way through her pregnancy with twins and we were both born healthy and well.

    Ignore granyvera she is obviously eating a perfect diet, exercising 5 times a week, not touched drop of alcohol and is being the perfect mum. oh to be as perfect as her!!!
  • anyone know how to get them kicked off cause i don't think its right to have someone being so negative on such a happy time for ppl grrrr really gets to me
  • Hi there, i am bout 6wks i think, thats wot i av worked it out to b anyway!! I am at mw on 5th Feb so i will find out for definate then!! hope u r well.
    Adele xxx
  • ur a complete weirdo granvera! you can put ur point across without being damn rude!
  • Granvera: you are so rude and completely insensitive. Before you judge others about what they do, you should learn to spell! Did your mother never teach you that if you can't say something nice don't say it all. Now do yourself a favour and don't bother posting on here again.
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