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I know this is a while off but when do you think is an ok time to buy the big things? Cots prams and so on. I know it;s up the to person and the couple but whats everybody else doing.

I have said i do not want to buy a thing till I am 24 weeks which is 8 weeks away.

K xx


  • Were going to start buying stuff after the 20 week scan I reckon. I am bursting to buy stuff!!!

    17+5 xx
  • hi hun i already have pram that was bought for me also my mum coulden resist and bought me moses stand bouncer already got free changing bag with boots and its really not bad quality either all u have to do is join there free parenting club online also started buying nappies baby record book to record names birth its first step etc also got slot to put all ya scan pics in got clothes bumper cot set and in two weeks my mum ordering me a cotbed and few blue bits as im having a boy yay so im pretty organised already im a worrier so dont want leave things to last min.if you can afford to leave it for bit and look around till you really are sure what you want then great if not and money is tight then think about getting big items out the way then you can get few small things one a week or 2 that way you aint got worry more near end pregnancy.xxx
  • 20 weeks scan for me x
  • Ok wicked thanks girls I think I will get the Moses basket and stuff when I am 24 weeks oh i am soooo excited now, only 8 weeks. I had not thought much about the nursery and now I can't stop thinking about it image

    K xx
  • I started at 15 weeks, i really doesn't think it matters its more supersticious than anything
  • I know I am just a worrier I don;t think if I buy things something bad will happen just more worried that if it does i would have bought all that stuff which would be harder for me to deal with.

    Plus i don't want to get bored if it as I would have had it for ages you know.

    k xx
  • i know excally what u mean k-lou. i am bursting to start buying things now but my family keep saying not to and its making me really paranoid. (i have cried about it sometimes aswell)

  • Oh no, hun dont cry look its not down to everybody else when you buy stuff it's down to you. If you want to do it then go for it nobody should make you feel bad for that love.

    K xx
  • We have started to buy small bits week by week so we can stock up on nappies, cotton wool, wet wipes etc etc as you can never have enough and ive already bought the changing bag but I think I was going to leave the big stuff until maybe June. Because Ill have to store that stuff and wont be able to put it all together which would really depress me! But once we know the sex we plan on buying all the pink or blue stuff like bottles, dummies, muslins, bedding and some outfits. We already have the pram, car seat and white clothes from felicity. oh its so exciting but it all just seems so far away image
    16+6 xx
  • I started buying after my 20 week scan! Got clothes from then - then ordered pram to be delivered to parents at about 24 weeks and the cot has been in my place about 3-4 weeks now! I think it is each to their own! I waited until after the 20 weeks scan purely cos I was paranoid something had happened!

    Tara 30+2
  • I bought nothing until I was 35wks pg. In fact most things I bought when I finished work at 37wks. It gave me something to do. I researched for months before that though and new exactly what I wanted.
    Also I know someone said stock up on nappies and wipes etc. I did this and some of the ones I had bought gave lo a rash and he just didn't like them so it was a waste in the end. Buy a few bits but don't go mad. Enjoy it though. S x
  • i was also waiting until 24 weeks but i was in next yesterday and they have really nice baby girl clothes so i couldnt resist buying a few pink outfits! Cant wait to start on the nursery but i'll be waiting a few more weeks x
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