First scan at 10 weeks


My first scan is on Tuesday and I will be 10 weeks. When I had my daughter they didn't do it until 12 weeks. Is this normal now to do it earlier?

Has anyone else had a scan at 10 weeks? Was it clear etc



  • not heard of one at ten weeks before as i thought they did it between 11-13 for the nuchal folds test if you want it.....
  • i had my '12' week scan at 11 weeks. mine was really clear!! all hosp do them at different times at mine the dating scan is done between 8-14 weeks. most are done around the 12 week mark but it can vary.
  • i had my dating scan at 8+4 and could clearly see baby although more like a peanut!!!!! my last scan with my son was at 10 weeks too and very clear good luck xxx
  • I was booked to have my scan for 11 weeks but i have had a few problems and ended up having a scan at the epu at 8+3 you could see they baby clearly so they cancelled my 11 week scan which i was abit annoyed about becasue that means i have to wait nearly 12 weeks to see my bean again!!!!

  • Hi i had mine at 10 weeks, baby was tiny and it wasnt that clear as she made me have a wee b4 she could do it (they'd left me waiting in waiting room so long my bladder was taking up the whole screen!!!!) then had my second scan at 18 weeks
    x x
  • Hi hun! We paid for a private scan at 10 weeks and it was really clear! Baby was bouncing about like crazy!! We then had the NHS hospital scan at just over 12 weeks, and again at just over 20 weeks! If you'd prefer your scan to be nearer 12 weeks, then call the hospital/speak to your midwife and get them to change the appointment for you. Don't feel pushed/bullied into anything!! Let us know what you decide.
  • Thanks for all your replies. Feel a bit better about it now.

    I am kind of glad it is early as am very excited about having it. Also going on a hen night on Saturday so will be able to tell my friends and they won't nag me about why I am not drinking. And finally I get married 2 weeks today!! It is a secret and we are only having 20 guests

    Lots to look forward to

    Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow girls
  • I had mine at 10 weeks with this one. With my daughter I didnt have one until I was 20 weeks.
  • hi i have my first scan on friday and cant wit but im worried there wont be anything there im 12 weeks and starting to get a bump and feel pregnant am i just worrying to much as this is my first baby thansk lisa x
  • My mw told me that they prefer to do it between 10-13 weeks as they can date you properly. I didnt want my scan that early though so cancelled it and had one at 14 weeks. x
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