MW appiontment

Had a MW appiontment this morning and nothing seems to be happening yet! (i am 3 days over due!)
I am booked in for a sweep on friday and if nothing happens after that i will be induced next wednesday!
It seems such a long way away. plus im scared of how big baby going to get in the next two weeks! my bump measures about right to how far on i am but i am only a tiny person with a small frame and scared baby going to get too big! x


  • awww u will be fine im 5 ft so tiny and i gave birth to a 7 ponder and it was fine and i was huge wen i was haveing my first dont worry bout the weight hun u will b suprised how much u can get out lol i was its totally norm to b scared im scared and its my 4th so im old hat now but it still dnt get any less scarey but be reasureed wen u r in labour all the fear goes and u really dnt give a shit lol and wen ur baby is there ansd delivered the pain is just forgotten about its amazing xxx gud luck hun u will be a trooper and u will come through this with flying colours xxx
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