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in ur 2nd preg y do u see the midwife less then what u do in ur 1st pregnancy?i saw mw today last time i saw her b4 that was 8weeks ago im now 21+5 but i wont b seein her again for another 4weeks i think its strange.


  • I saw my MW at booking in at around 8 weeks, then again a few weeks later but only coz my blood showed i was anemic and had to get more bloods taken, then at 16 weeks and will be going next week when im 24 weeks.

    Hope that helps somewhat


  • Hi, you do normally see ur mw less in ur second pregnancy. I saw mine last week when I was 7 weeks and I now won't see her again until i'm 16 weeks. I was told I would then see her again at 20 weeks
  • hi image

    this is my first pregnancy - i saw a midwife for my booking appointment at 13wks, then again at 16wks, (scan at 22wks)then my next appointment is at 24wks then....?? not sure if thats gonna help you at all - it doesnt actually seem that much different to your experience? although i have no idea what happens next...

  • i was told that you are seen more in your first pregnancy so you are reasured more as you have never experianced pregnancy before and your body hasnt ether.
    in the back of my pregnancy records it has a list of appointments so u know what stage you will be having them at and on many it says primip=first pregnancy only,
    id dose seem silly that you get them less tho,
    im lucky that i get more appointments cause i have antibodies in my blood im on complicated pregnancys.although its not a problem in pregnancy its after baby is born.
    i think it depends on where you are also some midwives may b kinder in some places and let you have a few more here and there xx

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