Pains in side

Hi dont know if anyone can help but started having pains in my left side low down a few weeks ago docs thought it was a urine infection but antibiotics didnt help so they say its the ligaments and baby stretching. It gets worse at night and hurts to move has anyone else suffered similar? I am 24+2 weeks.


  • hi i had that also quite few weeks ago i went to hospital as i was doubled in pain and my side was very tender to even put a pinkie finger on after being there hoursd i eventually asked them to scan me which they did as i felt my baby had something wedged into me it turned out the baby had its full left side of body completely wedged in my side it eventually freed itself a few days later im now 37wks and my baby has been breech now for weeks and its back is wedged into my right side so its very tender and painfull again also so i understand how sore you must be but when they stretch always they get them selfs into some positions that we can only imagine

    hope you feel better soon hun tracey x
  • i had pains like that from about 22wks but i didnt do anything about it and it must ave turned out 2 be nothing coz my babys now 8wks old and fine. but sumtimes at night it wud take me like half an hour 2 get outa bed 2 go 4 a pee coz movin was so sore lol
  • Often it's the baby finding itself a 'comfortable' spot. Mine often goes towards my right hip - it's agony!
  • Thanx guys just so uncomfy! Thanx for the replies glad its nothing to worry about!x
  • One tip I got from a m/w while in hospital was to lie on the opposite side of the ache. It can encourage the baby to move over.
  • i had these pains a few months ago and midwife and doc said it was due to stress at work, we were short staffed and i was just doing too much doc signed me off for 2 weeks and i was ok after that- got put on lighter duties when i went back to work and things have been ok-you might just need to take it easy for a while!!!
    Samantha 32+3
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