What is this strange sensation??

Hi Girls

I am 27 weeks pregnant this week and have a very active baby.

I am getting tightening across my bump and it feels like I have a stritch feeling in my ribs, like they might crack. I also get cramps right in my diaphragm and ribs, like baby has learnt to stretch right up there, its quite painful at times!

I also get a wierd sensation in my lady bits, like a hiccup, whats this??

Does anyone else get baby feelings and movements like this?


  • Yes our babies must be doing the same things LOL!!

    I have been having the pain right up in diaghram, my mum said may be as baby is breech so is pushing against it hence the bad heartburn.

    I get kicks in my lady bits that are very uncomfy & make me jump.

    And the upset stomach feeling can also feel like a stitch!!! xxx
  • Bless you Laujai, the stretching in the diaphragm really hurts and sometimes makes me jump, its a strong pain and feels awful! Hugs for us..

    The feeling in my lady bits is not a strong feeling its very light like the popping sensation when you first get movements in your tummy, it literally feels like a hiccup/flutter in my tuppence! X
  • Tightening will be braxton hicks, which you can start getting fairly early on. As you get further on and baby gets bigger it can get right up to your ribs (my two used to kick me in the ribs all the time).

    The feelings like hiccups could well be your baby getting hiccups. I got them with my second and when he settled head down later on I could feel them DOWN THERE. very strange lol
  • I thought that this would actually be hiccups but asn't quite sure, how strange, its unbelievable really, still blows me away that I have a baby that can do that! OMG!
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