is this symptom pg related or just my body playing tricks?

hi all,
tomorrow i will be about 8 weeks (ish) and so far not too many symptoms other than extremely tired, sore boobs and bloatedness. constipation just starting too but i had that before i found out i was pg anyway with IBS.

but over the last couple of days i wouldn't say i have felt nauseous as such, but that i really want to gag when i get up in the morning. it also happens when i brush my teeth and it takes me a few mins to sort myself out before it passes. also had it at lunchtime today but it passed when i eventually managed to get some food inside me. i have it a little bit now as well. it's not what i would call nausea but it definitely feels like i want to gag (sorry!!)

is this a pg symptom - sort of morning sickness? (knowing my luck sickness will probably start in the morning now i've said this!)

am seeing mw tomorrow afternoon for first time so will ask her but thought i would ask you lovely ladies on here so whilst i am feeling strange tonight i can at least decide whether it is a pg sign or my body playing tricks with me!

thanks xxxxxxxxxx


  • Mrs-e that's exactly how I feel, I don't throw up as such I just want to have a bit of a gag then feel a bit better. Lucky for me I only seem to get it before bedtime as I don't think I'd like it too much through the day!

    Think I'm at a similar date to you too, I'm 8+1 today and due on December 10th!
  • well i have definitely had that, after brushing my teeth and after food. its quite embarassing!!! i also had sickness from about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks (how i knew i was pg), but it was not restricted to morning!! i'm 12+3 now and although my sickness has all but passed, i am still getting the urge to gag!!!
  • Hi I had that at the start of my pregnancy, whenever I put something in my mouth like my toothbrush or food or if I had my hands full, my keys or purse I wanted to gag. It's the beginnings of morning sickness my dear..hopefuly it wont get too bad for you!
  • i had this on and off!!!!!!! i didn't think it was pg related though i just thought i was weird haha. haven't had it for ages now. i have never been sick or even felt the slightest bit sick but for a while i would gag for no reason like just on air!! i found if i concentrated on my breathing while i had the feeling then i'd be fine. weird hey!
    princess+mille 22+6
  • thank you all for your replies i'm glad that it is probably not just my body playing tricks! part of me is relieved that i might be getting a proper symptom (although thinking about it symptoms have been starting properly over the last few days as i have also felt a bit dizzy/light headed recently too) but the other part of me is terrified of being sick - i just have this phobia, don't know why.
    i've been getting through it by keeping my mouth shut, not moving much and somehow concentrating on breathing at the same time.
    thank you all you have put my mind at rest! xxxxxxxx
  • it definitely sounds like morning sickness to me. I was sick most days from 5 until 10 weeks and the weirdest things bought it on. The worst thing was drinking before I ate in the morning cos I would inevitably bring up the drink - I never learned tho cos I just didnt feel like food, but eating actually helps the sickness subside. Sometimes I didnt even have to eat or drink but I'd still be gagging like mad and bringing up stomach acid. Try not to worry about being sick - just eat regularly and if it does happen, better out than in!! xxx

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