feeling really down

hi all just wondered if anyone else had felt this way i just feel really down all the time i could sit and cry all the time and i just wanna stay in bed all day and not see or speak to anyone im only 7 weeks and i hope this is not what its gonna me like for me all the time i dont think i could cope:cry:

sorry to go on


  • awww hunny no it doesn't last forever its most prob ur hormones playing up. i felt emotional and had a few wet tissues and snotty days and some days i wanted the world to go away. i am 16 wks now and cry at stupid stuff like corrie and eastenders or films that i have seen a thousand times. it can be emotionally straining in the first few weeks ur body has to adjust ect talk to ur fam n friends they will understand ask for a huge hug from a close friend then sob on their shoulder n let it out you will feel tonnes better. if it continues see ur gp they will be able to advise and help you. remember you have the most precious thing inside you so smile and think of how huge ur smile will be when you see ur baby for the first time . chin up hun xxxx
  • Oh sez31, sorry to hear you're feeling low. It's probably down to those pesky hormones! Just take each day as it comes and I'm sure your mood will lift very, very soon. Big hugs xxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks girls
    ladygwen its nice to know im not the only one going through this role on 12 weeks im hoping it goes after that
    gonna get some chocolate see if that works

    thanks again girls
  • I'm feeling low a lot and no1 understands my partner just sits there asking whats up and i can't explain he's not very sympathetic and i'm soooo tired all the time on top of being low i sleep for a few hours after work and the n am in bed by 10 anyway. i have no life other than sleep or be low image yes its a happy time but hormones are everywhere and can't balance them. worst thing is i suffer depression and doc told me i could get depressed b4 baby is even born image great just what i need more depression when i am supposed to be enjoying the pregnancy. i can sit for an hour and cry for no real reason
  • I know how you feel. I cry at stupid things and have been really moody and angsty, I feel like I'm going to explode if someone as much as blocks the telly!

    I think it is also realisation that you're having a baby - and that's very scary indeed. I cried for hours the other day because of that. I wonder how I'm going to cope and if I'm going to be a crap mum. It's like you're pregnant but you just don't realise what it means! x
  • i keep asking oh will i be a good mom and is he ready to be a dad. he knew we got hormonla but don't think he was prepared for this drama lmao bless
  • hi girls i went to see my midwife today and she told me that how i am feeling is totally normal and not too worry about it she was lovely and v supportive and understanding and she said this feeling will pass after about 12 weeeks she made me feel so much better about everything

  • i felt like that and i wondered wot was goin on, i was constantly in tears and didnt know why, it does pass tho thank god!! In 28 weeks and i still get days like it now but not that often, luckly the oh is understandin and will just cuddle me, bring me a box of tissues and make me a cuppa tea, bless. Sometimes i do wonder if it will ever go away and i will smile and b happy for the whole day/week/month but that day will come as soon as our little boy is born!!!
  • Yep - throughout my pregnancy I have been up and down - sometimes I am down for a few days, sometimes just a day - I think it's just the hormones and I find it really helps just to talk about how you feel.. there are so many daunting things about having a baby aswell as all the good stuff. If you are feeling particularly worried, maybe have a chat with your GP - there is no point suffering through it if it is actually depression. I have found that it's really important to get lots of rest and pampering time otherwise you feel washed out and drained. Good luck, I hope it goes away but remember you are not alone image

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