Advice needed please

Hello ladies,

I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant, and my dd likes to use my bump as an elbow rest (no matter how much I try to get her in other positions!) Anyway the other day she pressed down with her elbow and baby bumps wasn't too impressed and fought back with an equally boney part of her body and it blumming hurt.

I haven't had any problems since and bump is moving around lots but today dd pressed on the exact same part and now when ever baby bump moves around or kicks it really hurts in that patch. It feels alot like pressing on a bruise, but it's got progressively worse though the evening.

My midwife isn't answering her phone for her to reassure me, so I just wanted a few opinions from you guys. Do you think my stomach has got bruised in the first sibling tussle (nothing visible on the outside) so is just feeling more tender?

Hope this has made sense and that I don't sound too much like a crazy hormonal lady!!! Lou x


  • Shame - poor you! Yes, I would say that you have been bruised from the inside by the baby. Not sure how you can but keep trying to get your DD to understand she is not allowed to rest there and hopefully the bruise will heal! x
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