Heard my baby...weird

Hi girls.
I have a doppler and have used it since 13 weeks. I'm now 25 weeks. I thought it was the only way you could hear your baby's heart.
But tonight, I had a bath and you know when your ears are in the water, you can hear your own heart beating? Well I was just relaxing & hearing that, when I started hearing my baby's as well! It was definitely baby. Only for a few seconds, but I'm 100% sure!
Wow...I didn't know that could happen? Has this happened to any other ladies? x


  • Hasn't happened but WOW I am away to have a bath! x
  • Apparently if you get your partner to but his ear on your belly he might be able to hear heartbeat but my boyfriend said all i can here is my food digesting!
  • yes they recon if you let your children, partner ext put head on ur tummy they can hear it,
    id never heard off it in bath tho, i will have to give it a go lol.


  • I reckon everyone should try it, and if u don't hear anything then I am officially losing the plot!
  • hi. sorry to gate crash, but yes if you listen carefully you will beable to hear babies heart beat under water. i did many a time. i just laid really relaxed and floaty and the babies heart beat was really clear. you ought to all give it a try really relaxing. xxx
  • oo00oo so who heard it in the bath the earliest? i'd love to try but it kills me getting in and out of the bath image damn this SPD could be missing on a chance to reassure myself about baby! grrrrrr
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