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side pains

This has probably been posted loads but...

I have a pain on my right side, same level as my hip, not all the time, mostly when I lay down or sneeze. it cold be ligament pain, but it doen't happen all the time? not to sure, do you think it's worth contacting the m/w or not?



  • Hi

    I got ligament pains an awful lot when I was at your stage too. Still get them from time to time. They were particularly bad when I used to sneeze or cough or when I had been sitting for a while and got up. Sounds to me like yours are ligament pains too. Everything is still fairly low down at your stage so it would make sense that the pain was near your hip level. If it gets really bad (too painful to bear) then it is definitely worth contacting your midwife...

    Hope this helps

  • I've not had any ops, but this is no.3, so ligs may be protesting at another stretching!
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