can a uti cause bleeding.

just been woke up by phone was a midwife at my hospital with results of my urine test and iv very severe urine infection thats needs to be treated from today. how shocked i was even more so to get call this time morning. just wondered could this uti be cause of my slight bleed which lasted thursday to friday. could there still be chance im pregnant i didn pass any clots or tissue just bright red watery blood didn fill an whole pad best way i can describe it.but my main pregnancy symptom sore boobs have gone so iv no symptoms. is there any hope at all. had 5week scan on wenesday and they found sac and iv had a look and there is a tiny tiny bit white in the sac could that be baby. they didn find heart beat but they said to early so having another scan wenesday next week. help ladys. x sorry in advance for going on and thank you in advance for any advice x x


  • I don't have any advice hunny, but have everything crossed for
  • thanks hun. x
  • take the antibiotics and hope you feel better soon hun. yes severe utis can make you bleed but you may not even notice the amount would cause.
    Fingers crossed for next week and rest up.
    Filo x
  • Yes UTI can definitely cause a bleed. Sometimes bleeding can be the first and the only sign of UTI so take the anti-biotics prescribed and you should get better soon.

    About them not seeing the heartbeat, yes, it is infact a bit early. I went to the doctor when I was 5 weeks and was refused a scan because they said it was still early and that I should come back in my 6th week.

    Also, the sore boobs come and go for me as well. Some days I have it and other days I don't. Again, nothing to worry about xxx

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  • Yes they can do! Fingers crossed thats all it was. x
  • i had a uti when i was 8 weeks pg and i had bleeding (no clots) and pain and i had no pg symptoms at all. I too was given antibiotics and i am now 25 weeks pg and all is well. Rest up hun and take your antibiotics sending you lots of pma xxx
  • Sorry you're going through this. I'm 10 weeks now and have had about 4 bleeds so far which is worrying. They did a scan on monday which showed i was just passed 9 weeks and baby looked fine. I am lucky though as i feel sick which is horrible but reassuring at the same time. Keep us posted i'm sure everything is ok just make sure you let your midwife know if you get anymore bleeding and if you've had no pain then thats a good sign that you are still pg x
  • i had sex about three weeks ago and all of a sudden i started bleeding heavy. it was uti and ive been on antibiotics two times one week at a time. Now daily I bleed and I think i still have it. omg. But bleeding is not heavy and I am feeling alot better since im now 17 weeks and my baby is great!!!! 23more weeks.......  This is my first and I hope  its healed, but im still peeing every two hours once I am lying down.

  • I was 8 weeks Thursday (4th pregnancy...had 1 miscarriage).  I had some red bleeding in the morning then nothing since.  Called my doc yesterday just to let her know.  She informed me my urine (which was taken at my initial prenatal on Monday) came back indicating a UTI.  She said that an untreated UTI can cause the bleeding.  I have been having little symptoms.  Just nausea that comes and goes. Naturally I'm worried, but felt some relief after she told me what could cause the bleed. (I initially chalked it up to breakthrough bleeding, for I'd typically be menstruating at this time).  I am now on a 7 day regiment of pregnancy-safe antibiotics.  Fingers crossed there is no more bleeding from here on out.  All my best to you!

  • well i have had so many utis and kidney infections i have a  camera to check my bladder end of this month and i never ever had a bleed defintally not red inless kidney infection xx

  • I'm 9weeks +4 and I have had some spotting when I wipe for the last 2 days. I went to the doctor this morning who checked me and said my cervix was closed but she could see blood and I have an early scan tomorrow. She also tested my urine while I was there and I have a UTI, after reading this I feel a little more relaxed, I hope that the UTI is whats caused my bleed. I hope all you other expectant Mums are doing well. x

  • My gf is 8 weeks, first pregnancy. We went thru a fertility center and got luckythe ffirst time. We are expecting twins. However yesterday we were at home, taking it easy and all of a sudden she started bleeding a lot. She had spotted here and there but not like this. She passed a large blood clot which we thought was a baby. Took her to the emergency and found out both babies r still there w a heartbeat. But she has a uti. She has meds for it that she began last night. Today she is bleeding again but no as bad. Were vvery worried that she's gonna lose the babies. Has anyone ever went thru this and and still remained pregnant. Is that bleeding normal.. We don't know what to expect. 

  • Hello the bleeding can be due to old period  as i had blood around the sac they told me it  will absorb or bleed out as when you have period it sometimes comes out in clots it could be a large bleed or a threatened miscarriage  where best thing to do is feet up and relax my friend have bled  and har had healthy baby's some people have period all way through my midwife said good sighn heartbeats are there go back to hospital tomorrow or in the week and tell them she is still bleeding could it be bleed round the sac and they should give you another scan to check the baby's again hope everything goes well xx  

  • I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have been Having constant cramps for 4days and peeing blood I went to maternity assessment and they told me I have a uti and that's what caused the bleeding and cramps , I have no symptoms of a uti I can pee fine and isn't burning or soar when I pee but the cramps are still constant the nurse have me antibiotics but they dont help with the pain atall ? 

  • @ sarrah cruz im going throught the same thing i was 9 weeks an i started bleeding an blood clots rushed to the er they said my baby had no heart beat but they also stated that i have an uti they said i was in the process of a misscarriage i just pray not everyone pray for me thanks

  • im 7 weeks i havw a uti i been bleeding heavy and light and some clota on and off for 3 days could this be why so scared got scan tomorrow
  • I'm currently 7 weeks Pregant , I believe I have A UTI ,How Heavy Is The Bleeding?

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