Antenatal classes

I know some people don't bother with the classes...but me & my husband have decided we want to attend antenatal class's at our local hospital...this is my first pregnancy.

I phoned them when i was 16 wks pregnant to try & book the class's....but was told to phone back after the 20 week scan....went for my scan yesterday & all was well : )
So i phoned them this morning to book the class's & have been given the dates for me & my husband to attend.

My due date is 5th March '09' & these are the dates i have been given: 4th Feb, 11th Feb & 18th Feb....i was wondering if these dates are too close to the expected due date????

Has anyone else attended antenatal class's...when did you have them...can anyone share any light on this...all advice or information gratefully recieved.

little missie x
20 + 6


  • Hi! I have the same problem. Mine run for 4 weeks starting on 8th Jan and my due date is 6th Feb. To make matters worse, I may be having a planned c-section, so will probably miss the later classes to do with looking after your newborn. I probably won't even need the ones on labour that I will be able to attend! There are private classes around that you could consider, for example with NCT, but these are just too expensive for us! Sorry I can't be of much help! xx
  • Hi Sah83

    I think it may become a may well miss out on some classes as your having a c - yourself these private classes are too expensive for us aswel.

    I'm worried at the moment because i'm only 4ft 11inches...weighing already 11stone i have another 4 months to go...i have Rhematiod Arthritis in both my hips & also have 4 bolts in my spine....due to scoliosis (curviture of the spine)...the extra weight is already putting alot of strain on my hips...some days i can barely walk...i have already been told by my midwife that i need to see an aneasatist ...waitng on i cant have an discuss pain relief & birth plan. If i have a long labour i dont think i will last it & get very stressed & have severe pain & cramps in hips, legs & spine

    I'm worried as i think i might have to have a c - section...due to the pressure on my already worn out hips & spine...i really need this appointment now, just to put my mind at rest, so i know what's happening to plan for the antenatal classes etc...

    little missie x
    20 + 6
  • Hi girls, from what i hear they like to cut it fine with your classes. With my first midwife new I wanted to do them and then left it and left it before telling me that the local hospital weren't doing them due to funding. I managed to get on some NCT ones (which you have to pay for) but they were really good and 23 months on I'm still in contact with all the girls.

    We all had due dates in December the first one was due on the 1st mine on the 3rd and our course finished the last week of November with baby one being born on the 3rd and my lol on the 4th.

    I think we were both lucky to make it to the end!

    I think the general idea is the closer it is to your due date the more you remember. You can either take your chances, speak to the hospital about it or try to book yourself on some alternative ones.

    Good Luck
  • on my first pregnancy i booked my classes when i was about 16-17 weeks i think,good job i did as i got the last slot but it was a little late,i started at 33wks,the first class we all said what we wanted to learn in future classes in the second class we learned about all the pain relife and then the next day i went in to labour at 35wks,so i didnt really learn much but i coped and that was just on gas and air and a shot of morphine,this time iam gonna be demanding the daddy of all drugs unless i have a c-section


  • Hi little missy. I have metal work in my hip following pelvic surgery to correct a congenital deformity. I'm 25 weeks tday and saw a consultant last week. He's not sure I'll manage a natural birth as he says my pelvis may not move in the normal way, but he will support me if I want to try. However, I'm very high risk for needing an emergency c-section and have been told they'll give me one at the slightest problem. He says an elective c-section would be a much calmer, more relaxed experience and although I've said I'd like to try naturally, I'm in two minds to be honest! Has your midwife referred you to a consultant to discuss your options?

    Sarah xx
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